I used to have a burger press that I had gotten from Tupperware but I misplaced it a couple of years ago so when I was offered this to review I was excited. I thought all burger presses were basically the same but evidently I was mistaken. The Yumms brand burger press has an added feature that makes it way better than the others I’ve seen. This one has 3 parts. In addition to the normal top and bottom piece it has an extra piece called a lifter. You place this in the bottom before adding the ground meat and then after you press the meat into the burger shape you can lift this extra part up and the burger comes right out. Sounds so simple but it’s so flippin awesome! I HATE touching raw meat and that eliminated that step entirely. Since the parts are all coated the burger slid right out and right off of the lifter with no touching required. (I used an ice cream scoop to put the meat into the press also so I didn’t have to touch it then either…yay me!) I love that they are free from harmful BPA and that they are totally dishwasher safe too. They make a nice consistent 4 1/2 inch wide patty and they end up about an inch thick, maybe a little less than an inch, so you end up with burgers that all cook at the same rate. I even made some extra patties and layered them between sheets of wax paper and then placed them in a freezer bag for future use. This is truly a must have for every burger lover and especially for people like me that do not like to touch raw meat.


These are a must have for grillers! The worst part of grilling, for me anyway, is having to clean up afterwards. I hate scrubbing down the grills and I usually use oven cleaner so then I have to deal with that awful smell too. I don’t like using aluminum foil because it sticks to the food and the grill and I personally think it leaves a metallic flavor in the foods you are grilling. These Yumm BBQ mats are a great alternative to all of that! They wipe clean with soapy water and there is absolutely no mess on the grills. I love that you can cut them to size for whatever type of grill you have too. They fit ours perfectly but it’s nice to know that if we wanted to use them on a different type of grill they would still work. Remember though, they do have to be used on a grill that is at least 7 inches from the mats to work properly so it does have to be a sort of deep grill to get the best results. I am happy that these mats keep the food from getting charred too. They seem to make the heat distribute more evenly so you don’t have “hot spots” that burn parts of the meat you are grilling and that’s huge for me! I do not like a charred taste on my meat at all. I guess if you are the type of person that has to see “grill marks” or even one that likes the charbroiled taste these might not be for you, but they are perfect for my family. I love how easily they wipe clean and that you can just store them right on the grill since there’s no reason to really put them away. I will never grill without them again.



I didn’t realize how much we needed this until I got it to review! We live in Arkansas and it gets HOT here ….too hot to grill out when the sun is still shining bright for sure. We usually wait until later in the evening when the sun starts to settle in for the day before we start grilling and that means that it’s usually pretty dark by the time we are finished. This is a lifesaver! It’s so nice to be able to see what we are doing even after the sun goes down. Even better, it was super easy to install. There’s only one screw and they even give you a screwdriver to use which was a big plus since I can never find our small screwdrivers. It attached very easily to the grill and it is very sturdy. It only takes 3 batteries and the light is bright enough that it lights up the entire grilling surface easily. It seems to be weatherproof too so I would think it would be ok even if it was to get rained on but I think we will take it off between uses just to be safe. It rains a LOT here and I’m not sure how that would work out if we left it outside all of the time. My husband are both very pleased with this Yumm’s BBQ light and now that we have one, we wonder how we ever did without it.



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