This is another easy site to work! All you do is sign up and start answering questions from other users. You can also earn points for creating and posting your own questions and they also email you short surveys that you can take to earn even more.  You can trade the points you earn for various gift cards.  I usually earn a $25 Walmart gift card in about every 6 weeks or so, but I don’t do much on the site either. The potential to earn is much higher if you put some effort into it.  I only do the questions that others ask, rarely write my own and only do the emailed surveys on occasion.  If you do more of whats offered, you will definitely earn more.

This is seriously the easiest site to earn from of them all!

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Paid Viewpoint



This site is super easy! Just sign up and if you have a survey it will show up on the upper right of the page. These are called surveys but are actually just quick questions…it usually only takes about a minute or less to finish and you will earn between 10 cents and 90 cents depending on what each one pays. I have had a few that were were worth over $2 and still only took 2-3 minutes, but those are rare. This is not a get rich quick site but I do usually get enough surveys to cash out for $15 a month. You have to have at least $15 to cash out and when you do, it will go to your paypal account in less than 24 hrs.

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