Once again Purex Insiders has pleasantly surprised me.  My husband and I both smoke and we have two cats ( four when the weather’s bad and the outside kitties decide to come in too)  so I worry about what our home smells like when people visit.  Not that we get a lot of company in the middle of nowhere but it’s still nice to know that if someone does stop by our house smells welcoming.  I use wax burners a lot and they work great for bigger rooms but they can overpower a smaller room so these are a great alternative.   They probably wouldn’t work as well in a bigger room but they are perfect for  a bathroom,  guest room,  or even the laundry room.    I have had the one I received in my bathroom for 4 days now and it smells great.   You notice it as soon as you walk in there but it’s not overwhelming at all.  Just a clean, fresh scent that everyone could enjoy.


They are simple to use too.  Just peel off the protective layer and place the cap back on.   The cap is designed with air holes so the smell comes through gradually and the pearls are supposed to hold their scent for about 30 days.   They have five scents to choose from:

Blue = Blue Sky Breeze

Green = After the Rain

Yellow = Seductive Pineapple

Purple = Tranquility

Blue #2 = Serenity

I was given the Blue Sky Breeze and I love it.   I also want to try the After the Rain scent.  I prefer clean, fresh smells to fruity or flowery ones so I’m not sure if I would like the Seductive Pineapple but  the others are perfect for someone like me and I’m sure I will try them all eventually.  Maybe I’ll get the Serenity or Tranquility to put on the night stand next to the bed.   Those sound like they could be calming and peaceful and would be perfect for the bedroom.  I’m sure no matter which scent I choose, or where I put it,  I will love it.


Purex Insiders was also kind enough to give me some coupons so I’ve decided to share with my readers.   You can enter using the Rafflecopter widget below and I wish you luck!    If I get enough people that seem excited about this giveaway I will pick two winners but for now I am only picking one.   Share with your friends and lets have two winners!



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