Both of our kitties get SO excited when they get a new toy in the mail but I have to admit that this one was mostly for my amusement.   To be honest,  I wasn’t even sure if I would be able to get either of them to even wear it but I had to try.    I figured if cats think they are King of the Jungle they might as well look the part too.   I tried it on Willie first since he is the more easy going kitty.


He really didn’t seem to mind wearing it and within minutes he had jumped into my husband’s lap demanding to be pet.  I guess he figured he deserved some pampering if we were going to make him wear this.   Or maybe he just felt like more of a King and decided we should adore him like a King deserves.   Either way, he seemed pretty content and just sort of went with the flow.  So I decided to try it on Kelso……..


His reaction was a little different than Willie’s.   He really did not want to sit still long enough for us to even get it on him and after we did finally get it on,  he immediately started plotting his revenge.   I could see the wheels turning!  His little brain was thinking of all the ways he could get us back for this.  I have to admit I was a little afraid to fall asleep that night and decided it would be best to take it off of him and forget it ever even happened.  Kelso now uses it as a pillow and all is good in the world again.   I will definitely pull it out again though because it was highly amusing to watch them wearing it.   (Maybe not for them, but that’s beside the point)

This Lion Mane is made very well and only needs a quick brushing to make it look great right out of the bag.   It would be absolutely adorable for Halloween or for any day you just need a good laugh.  Personally, I think every King of the Jungle should have one!