When I was first offered this KidzLane karaoke machine to review I was thinking about how much my 8 year old Granddaughter would like it and that’s who I had it in mind for.   When it showed up my 12 year old step son couldn’t wait to try it and he and my husband ended up having tons of fun playing with it so it looks like it isn’t going to make it to her.  I was actually surprised at how nice it is.  It’s very easy to figure out and plays CDs or MP3s and the duel microphones are a great feature since it allows you to “jam out” with a friend.  Each microphone also has it’s own volume so one person won’t “drown out” the other if they sing louder.  It’s a great size and the handle makes it easy to carry around if you like dancing while using it and the buttons are all easy to read.   It’s intended for ages 5 and up and from my experience the “and up” means it’s good for any age!  My husband was having just as much fun as Hayden was and  I had a blast watching them.

karaoke8Hayden did mention that it would be nice if you could see the words to what you are singing like some karaoke machines offer but that didn’t stop him from trying.  I’m really not sure you could add that feature since you use your own CDs or MP3s but it didn’t seem to make much difference in their fun anyway.  If anything, it made it more interesting to watch as you can see for yourself in the video below.

I am very pleased with this karaoke machine and recommend it for any kid that likes to sing along with their bands or pretend they are a famous rock star.   I like the bright colors they used to make it, the fact that it is very durable and that it is so easy to operate.  This would be a great addition to “Family Game Night” and also for slumber parties or birthday parties or really anytime the kids are bored and complaining they have nothing to do.  You should definitely keep it in mind for potential birthday or Christmas gifts.  I think any kid would love to have one and I especially like that it gets them involved in what they are doing instead of just staring blankly into a game boy or something.  I am always looking for something to keep Hayden occupied and this has been great.  We had lots of fun and many giggles playing with ours.

Product Description

Kids Sing Along Karaoke Machine, CD-MP3 player & USB flash drive port, could also play WMA audio format, (UBS can only read a flash drive not from an iPod)
Anti-Skip protection, 3 digit LED display, High output speaker sound system
Fully programmable, choose your desired tracks, random play, intro play, repeat play
2 Karaoke Microphones with ON/OFF switch & a separate microphone volume control knob
Included: “9V Power Adapter”, Line-in jack to connect it to your smart phone. Option to use 6 “C” Batteries if want to operate on battery (batteries not included)