Bic Pen Pals Pen Giveaway

Bic is giving away 100 pens every hour, every day until July 14th.  If you don’t get one the first time, try, try again.  With this huge giveaway you are bound to win!  Check back every hour (on the hour) for your chance at a free black pen.  Even if you don’t have a pen pal you can use a free pen!  This giveaway is on the Bic Facebook page.  As always, let us know when you get your freebie!

Free Nutres-Hawaii Superfood Samples

spirulinaFill out the form and get a free sample of Spirulina Pacifica Superfood Supplement sent right to your door. It’s supposed to Boost Immunity and Promote Longetivity.  This sample is available while supplies last and is limited to one per household.  I wonder what that bright green tastes like…

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Chance at FREE Domino’s Pizza


Domino’s is giving away 2,000 pizzas every day through 6/30/2013.  Follow Domino’s on Facebook to see when the promotion goes live every day!  Missed a free pizza?  Domino’s is giving you a code to get one pizza at 50% off!  That’s a great deal, too.  Let us know if you get a free pizza – we love hearing about your freebies.

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Free Meal at Chick-fil-A on 7/12/13

chick filet

Dress like a cow on July 12, 2013 and get a free meal (breakfast, lunch or dinner) at Chick-fil-A!  Dress like a partial cow and get a free Entree!  For the past couple of years, Chick-fil-A has pulled this off and given ‘cow dressers’ some free Chicken.  How far will you go for a free meal?

Check out their YouTube video and see how it works.

Possible Free Coors Light Concert Tickets

coors contest

If you are from:

Charlotte (tomorrow so HURRY!)New Orleans
Atlanta  or

you have a chance to get free tickets to a Coors Light sponsored contest!  Nothing says summer like a concert.  To see if you can get tickets, simply go HERE and check your city to see where to pick them up!  Let us know if you get some and attend the concert!

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Disclaimer: Bella’s Blog does not endorse drinking but does notify readers of freebies available from all over and for all people.  Freebie rules must be followed and this offer is for readers over 21.

Instant Cash Sweepstakes



On Instantcashsweepstakes you just answer very short questions to win cash. (Average payout is between 1 and 9 cents per session, and each session takes about 2 minutes) You  will also earn tickets that will automatically enter you into a $50 cash drawing everyday and coins that you can use to enter the $2 drawings that are held every four hours.   You won’t get rich from this site but it’s a fun way to earn a little extra cash.

This is a fun way to kill time and you can make a little money too! You can cash out for a minimum of $2 and the money goes into your Paypal account within 24 hours. The best part of Instantcashsweepstakes is that when you invite your friends to join, you will get matching wins on anything they win while answering their questions! A few cents here and there really adds up if you have friends that play along regularly! I have never won the $50 drawing but I have friends that have and they were thrilled! I have won the $2 drawing many times, however.

Join me on instantcashsweepstakes and ask your friends to join you! If you would like to join just click the link below.

Join me on Instantcashsweepstakes

Paid Viewpoint



This site is super easy! Just sign up and if you have a survey it will show up on the upper right of the page. These are called surveys but are actually just quick questions…it usually only takes about a minute or less to finish and you will earn between 10 cents and 90 cents depending on what each one pays. I have had a few that were were worth over $2 and still only took 2-3 minutes, but those are rare. This is not a get rich quick site but I do usually get enough surveys to cash out for $15 a month. You have to have at least $15 to cash out and when you do, it will go to your paypal account in less than 24 hrs.

If you would like to join me on Paidviewpoint just sign up using the link below:
Sign up for Paidviewpoint here

Soft Scrub All Purpose Cleaner



  I have used this in both the bathroom and the kitchen and I am very pleased with the results.  Not only does it smell pretty good but it really scrubs the tough dirt away!  I especially like that you can use this on most surfaces.  How convenient to not have to carry so many cleaners from room to room.  I will definitely make this a regular purchase.




  I love this stuff!!  My refrigerator is about 5 years old and it was starting to show it’s age.   The stainless steel finish was dulling and you could see tiny scratch marks all over the surface from years of wiping it clean.  After using the Soft Scrub Advanced Surface cleaner I received from Purex Insiders it looks great!   It brought the shine back out and made the little scratches hardly noticeable.  Now I want all stainless steel appliances because I know I can keep them looking good with this great product!

Soft Scrub 4-in-1 Toilet Cleaner



  Well,  I finally got a product from Purex Insiders that I didn’t like.  I never thought it would happen but it did.  I noticed that this product was very strong smelling as soon as I  opened the package but I thought it would mellow out with time.  Boy was I wrong!  It had been installed in the bathroom for about an hour when I first went in there and the odor just about knocked me over.  It reminded me of the super strong industrial type toilet cleaners in schools and hospitals.  I had to remove it,  wrap it in a plastic bag  and take it to the outside garbage can.  Maybe it’s just me, but I was not a fan of this product at all.  I hate to give such a bad review but I want to be honest.