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This is the list of the survey sites I do and that I know will pay.   I have used and cashed out at least twice on each of these so I know they are legitimate.   Just sign up and start by filling out your basic info. This helps them find the surveys that are right for you.  You may not always qualify for surveys but keep trying because you can make fairly decent money doing this.  I work many survey sites and I average about $40 a month on each one….not bad considering I only do it in my spare time and not everyday.  How much you put into it will definitely determine how much you can earn.  If you have any questions about any of these sites feel free to ask either here or on my facebook page.

Tip:  When you first start with a survey site you may feel discouraged if you get disqualified a lot,  but don’t worry too much….this is their way of figuring out more information about you.  The more they learn about you, the more surveys you will get that are geared towards your lifestyle.  Also, the more surveys you take,  the more likely you are to get product testing offers.  Make sure that you do the follow up surveys or tasks they ask you to do when you get accepted for these.  If you don’t,   your IP address will get flagged and they will not offer you anymore product testing opportunites.
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It’s easy and fun to see and evaluate new product ideas in the comfort of your own home. You will earn points for each completed product survey, which can be exchanged for cash and other rewards. PLUS you will be automatically entered into a bi-weekly Sweepstakes to win additional cash prizes for your time. Each interview usually takes 15-20 minutes of your time. Plus, you are free to leave the panel at any time should you choose to do so.

Registrants who complete the signup form online and align with the recruit target(s) and are eligible for membership consideration will immediately receive an email invitation containing a link, ID and password to complete the full registration process. The link takes them to a brief “staging” survey (6 minutes or less) to gather some further information about that registrant and their household, and to gain agreement to the terms and conditions for panel membership.

Pinecone surveys are a proven method for earning a little extra cash. Receive earnings via check or PayPal. Pinecone also sends free items to sample and try out in exchange for your opinion!

Just click on the pic to get started



 Inbox dollars is a survey site that also pays you for reading emails, completing offers and watching videos.  It is one of my favorites because even when I cannot qualify for a survey I am still able to earn money in other ways.  I love the “spin the wheel” game after you get disqualified.  You can win up to $5 for a spin!  The most I have ever won was $1.00 but I’m still trying!

I also get the most product testing offers from Inbox Dollars.  It took about a month of doing surveys consistently (about 1 a day at least) to start getting the offers but now I get them about  2-3 times each month.  I have received cereals , fruit snacks,  chocolates,  pizzas and many more things to test for them.  This is one of my favorite perks for doing surveys.

  This is a great survey site that will send you an actual check!  It is great for those without paypal accounts or for people who really don’t want giftcards instead of cash.  If you would like to join Inbox Dollars simply click on the box below and register!  They will also give you $5 for signing up!




   This site has many ways to earn including watching videos,  paid to clicks,  and special offers.  However,  as with most of those type of sites,  it is always easiest to make quicker cash by doing surveys.  This site has many available but I prefer the ones on their Peanut Labs offer wall.  These are usually quick and easy and the payout is reasonable.

    I also like doing the Crowd Flower tasks.  Some of them are really interesting and they are really simple to do.  There is one set of tasks you can do where you evaluate pictures that people have submitted and determine if they are obscene or not…these are quite fun actually but you must be 18 to participate because occasionally they do show nudity.  These are fun to do though and they’re a great time killer.

  You can choose either a gift card from many different stores or a check when you cash out on InstaGC.   I usually get the check but sometimes I will get Amazon gift cards because I save them up all year for the holidays.  Once you add them to your Amazon account they never expire.

If you would like to join me on InstaGC just click the link below and sign up

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   Even though I already have a page dedicated to Swagbucks,  I felt I had to include them here because the fastest,  easiest way to earn on Swagbucks is through surveys.   I personally love the Lab42 Surveys on the Trial Pay wall because they are always short and they pay pretty well.  If you want to know a little more about it just click the Swagbucks tab above.  If you want to join me on Swagbucks just click the link below.

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