Product Testers Needed



  I absolutely love product testing!  To me,  it is a great day when I go to the mailbox and it is stuffed with great new items to try!   I SO look forward to “snail mail” now.   Just sign up for the sites below and they will send you items to try.  They do have a few requirements they would like you to do after you try the product.  The requirements may be writing a review on the product website or on Facebook,  sharing a picture of the item on your Facebook wall or simply writing a review on the site you joined up with.  None of the requirements are hard,  nor do they take much time.  It is definitely worth the time to do them because they will then send you even more free items to try.  I haven’t had to buy laundry detergent,  toothpaste or household cleaning supplies in months because I have gotten so many offers.  Just click the link for the site you would like to join and sign up.  Make sure you also fill out your profile information because that is what they will use to decide which products to send you.  Good Luck and I hope your mailbox will be stuffed!



  This is one of my favorite product testing sites.   I have received over 20 items from them to try in the last year alone!  My favorite was a SleepNumber pillow (valued at $130) that I received simply for visiting a SleepNumber store and testing one of their mattresses!  There is a screenshot of my offers that you can see for yourself!   It’s  easy too, simply register, fill in your profile information and watch your email!   They send offers pretty regularly and if you do the simple tasks that they ask you to do, you should get plenty of offers!  The tasks are very simple…you just share stuff on Facebook and Twitter,   write short reviews and let them know about people you told about the product!  If you would like to join me simply click the link below and sign up.  Most people will get their first offer in just a couple of weeks!



Join me on Smiley360


bzzagent pic

  Bzzagent is also an easy, fun site to join.  After you register and fill out your profile information,  simply watch your email for offers from them.  After you receive your products just log back onto the site and follow the simple instructions for sharing your views on the item.   The tasks are super simple and basically consist of sharing your views on the product with your Facebook and Twitter followers, and writing short reviews and posting pictures for Bzzagent.    The more you participate,  the more offers you will get!   I have received many different types of things from them …..everything from toothpaste to a gallon of Benjamin Moore Aura paint (value $68)!  There is a list of the items below but I couldn’t get them all on the page.(There were about 3-4 more)    I just joined in May 2012 so in a year I’ve received 18 offers!   It’s exciting to see what they will send next!   If you would like to join me on Bzzagent simply click the link below and sign up.



Join me on Bzzagent

Purex Insiders


   You do have to be a blogger to join this one but it is definitely my favorite.   I am shocked at the amount of offers I receive from this great company!   I do have a page dedicated to this site right here on my website.   If you want to learn more about Purex Insiders simply go to that page for a more in depth description.  If you are a blogger, don’t miss out!  This is truly a generous company!



Purex Insiders on Bella’s Blog