Join me on Irazoo and earn giftcards, paypal cash or great prizes!  This is a really simple site to use to earn extra money online.  You will earn Irazoo points by doing searches, watching videos, completing offers, doing surveys and much more!  You simply trade these Irazoo points for the prize of your choice.  They have many rewards to choose from but I usually choose Amazon gift cards because once you add them to your Amazon account they never expire.  It’s a really easy way to save up for the holidays.  I have made enough each year for the past 3 years to cover almost all of my Christmas and birthday shopping through the different sites I work.  You will be surprised at how fast it can add up!


After you join just go to the top of their page and click on the ‘Ways to Earn” tab.  This dropdown box has many ways you can earn points.  Surveys and special offers are the quickest,   easiest way to earn.  The surveys will tell you how long they will take and how much you will earn for doing them and most of them credit immediately.  There are some that will credit in a day or two but they will warn you ahead of time that it won’t be immediate.  Irazoo usually has a lot of videos to watch to earn points.  The best part about that is that you can leave the videos running and open up other pages to work other sites at the same time.  You cannot work 2 Irazoo pages at the same time though.  I do that a lot and it really makes your points add up a lot faster in the least amount of time.

You can also earn Irazoo points by getting your friends to join.  They will give you matching points on any search win your referral gets!  This maxes out at $10 per person you can earn just for inviting your friends to join you!  If you would like to join me on Irazoo simply click the link below and sign up!  Its totally FREE and definitely works!   I have made over $200 using Irazoo. You will receive a bonus of 50 Irazoo points simply for signing up!  Then invite your friends so they can add to your earnings and start earning themselves.  It’s a win win situation!


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