Gifthulk is another great site I use to earn.  You can earn what they call hulkcoins by doing searches, completing offers, watching videos, playing games, and taking surveys.  There is also a game you can play daily called “Guess the Card” where you can win coins,  or Treasure codes to share with your friends.

They also offer a prize on the Guess the Card game and on search wins  that will get you an added percentage on any offers you do.  It will say “You just earned an 18%  (Or whichever percent it chooses)  boost on the offer walls for 8 hours  (or however long they say that particular time…it varies a lot).   When you get those that is the best time to go take a survey or do a special offer because of the extra points.   You can earn as much as you want on this site depending on how much time you have to work it.


The fastest way to earn on Gifthulk is through surveys and special offers.  (Especially if you have recieved a reward of a higher percentage for doing them).  There are many to choose from and they will all explain what is needed from you and how much you will earn for doing it.  They also will tell you on the surveys how long you can expect it to take.  To see all of the different ways  that you can earn ,  simply go to the Gifthulk website and click on the “Ways to Earn” tab at the top of the page.  Everything is explained pretty well and with a little effort you can earn some nice rewards.   I always get the Amazon gift cards because once you add them to your Amazon account they never expire…it’s a nice way to save for the holidays!  Make sure you follow them on Facebook too because they will keep you informed of the best and easiest ways to earn at that time.


You will also earn rewards for getting your friends to join.  You will get 100 hulkcoins after they sign up (They get 100 for signing up too) counting the sign up bonus).  You will get another 500 pts from them after they earn  their first 1000.  You can earn rewards a lot faster when you have it coming in from other people too.   Just look at the top of the page for the “Invite” tab and that is where you will find your unique URL to share with your friends.  They have to sign up using your URL  for you to be able to count them as a referral.  If they go to the website through a search and sign up you will not get credit.  You will get credit however, if they sign up from a post they see on Facebook.  So share your wins…it gets your friend’s curiosity up and if they click on your post and sign up they will count as your referral.

If you would like to join me on Gifthulk just click the link below and sign up!
Sign up for GiftHulk

How much you will earn will depend on how much you decide to participate!  It is a very easy site to use but if you have any questions, as always feel free to ask me either here or on my facebook page!   Good Luck and Happy Earning!
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