I used to have a burger press that I had gotten from Tupperware but I misplaced it a couple of years ago so when I was offered this to review I was excited. I thought all burger presses were basically the same but evidently I was mistaken. The Yumms brand burger press has an added feature that makes it way better than the others I’ve seen. This one has 3 parts. In addition to the normal top and bottom piece it has an extra piece called a lifter. You place this in the bottom before adding the ground meat and then after you press the meat into the burger shape you can lift this extra part up and the burger comes right out. Sounds so simple but it’s so flippin awesome! I HATE touching raw meat and that eliminated that step entirely. Since the parts are all coated the burger slid right out and right off of the lifter with no touching required. (I used an ice cream scoop to put the meat into the press also so I didn’t have to touch it then either…yay me!) I love that they are free from harmful BPA and that they are totally dishwasher safe too. They make a nice consistent 4 1/2 inch wide patty and they end up about an inch thick, maybe a little less than an inch, so you end up with burgers that all cook at the same rate. I even made some extra patties and layered them between sheets of wax paper and then placed them in a freezer bag for future use. This is truly a must have for every burger lover and especially for people like me that do not like to touch raw meat.


These are a must have for grillers! The worst part of grilling, for me anyway, is having to clean up afterwards. I hate scrubbing down the grills and I usually use oven cleaner so then I have to deal with that awful smell too. I don’t like using aluminum foil because it sticks to the food and the grill and I personally think it leaves a metallic flavor in the foods you are grilling. These Yumm BBQ mats are a great alternative to all of that! They wipe clean with soapy water and there is absolutely no mess on the grills. I love that you can cut them to size for whatever type of grill you have too. They fit ours perfectly but it’s nice to know that if we wanted to use them on a different type of grill they would still work. Remember though, they do have to be used on a grill that is at least 7 inches from the mats to work properly so it does have to be a sort of deep grill to get the best results. I am happy that these mats keep the food from getting charred too. They seem to make the heat distribute more evenly so you don’t have “hot spots” that burn parts of the meat you are grilling and that’s huge for me! I do not like a charred taste on my meat at all. I guess if you are the type of person that has to see “grill marks” or even one that likes the charbroiled taste these might not be for you, but they are perfect for my family. I love how easily they wipe clean and that you can just store them right on the grill since there’s no reason to really put them away. I will never grill without them again.



I didn’t realize how much we needed this until I got it to review! We live in Arkansas and it gets HOT here ….too hot to grill out when the sun is still shining bright for sure. We usually wait until later in the evening when the sun starts to settle in for the day before we start grilling and that means that it’s usually pretty dark by the time we are finished. This is a lifesaver! It’s so nice to be able to see what we are doing even after the sun goes down. Even better, it was super easy to install. There’s only one screw and they even give you a screwdriver to use which was a big plus since I can never find our small screwdrivers. It attached very easily to the grill and it is very sturdy. It only takes 3 batteries and the light is bright enough that it lights up the entire grilling surface easily. It seems to be weatherproof too so I would think it would be ok even if it was to get rained on but I think we will take it off between uses just to be safe. It rains a LOT here and I’m not sure how that would work out if we left it outside all of the time. My husband are both very pleased with this Yumm’s BBQ light and now that we have one, we wonder how we ever did without it.



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And now for my favorite part.   The sponsors at YUMMS have offered to let me give away one of their awesome products to a lucky reader.  The winner can choose their favorite from the 3 items I reviewed.   (The sponsor will mail the prize to the winner on 06/17/2015)  Please keep things fair and only use one email to enter.   You can enter using the Rafflecopter below.  Good luck!

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Once again Purex Insiders has pleasantly surprised me.  My husband and I both smoke and we have two cats ( four when the weather’s bad and the outside kitties decide to come in too)  so I worry about what our home smells like when people visit.  Not that we get a lot of company in the middle of nowhere but it’s still nice to know that if someone does stop by our house smells welcoming.  I use wax burners a lot and they work great for bigger rooms but they can overpower a smaller room so these are a great alternative.   They probably wouldn’t work as well in a bigger room but they are perfect for  a bathroom,  guest room,  or even the laundry room.    I have had the one I received in my bathroom for 4 days now and it smells great.   You notice it as soon as you walk in there but it’s not overwhelming at all.  Just a clean, fresh scent that everyone could enjoy.


They are simple to use too.  Just peel off the protective layer and place the cap back on.   The cap is designed with air holes so the smell comes through gradually and the pearls are supposed to hold their scent for about 30 days.   They have five scents to choose from:

Blue = Blue Sky Breeze

Green = After the Rain

Yellow = Seductive Pineapple

Purple = Tranquility

Blue #2 = Serenity

I was given the Blue Sky Breeze and I love it.   I also want to try the After the Rain scent.  I prefer clean, fresh smells to fruity or flowery ones so I’m not sure if I would like the Seductive Pineapple but  the others are perfect for someone like me and I’m sure I will try them all eventually.  Maybe I’ll get the Serenity or Tranquility to put on the night stand next to the bed.   Those sound like they could be calming and peaceful and would be perfect for the bedroom.  I’m sure no matter which scent I choose, or where I put it,  I will love it.


Purex Insiders was also kind enough to give me some coupons so I’ve decided to share with my readers.   You can enter using the Rafflecopter widget below and I wish you luck!    If I get enough people that seem excited about this giveaway I will pick two winners but for now I am only picking one.   Share with your friends and lets have two winners!



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Both of our kitties get SO excited when they get a new toy in the mail but I have to admit that this one was mostly for my amusement.   To be honest,  I wasn’t even sure if I would be able to get either of them to even wear it but I had to try.    I figured if cats think they are King of the Jungle they might as well look the part too.   I tried it on Willie first since he is the more easy going kitty.


He really didn’t seem to mind wearing it and within minutes he had jumped into my husband’s lap demanding to be pet.  I guess he figured he deserved some pampering if we were going to make him wear this.   Or maybe he just felt like more of a King and decided we should adore him like a King deserves.   Either way, he seemed pretty content and just sort of went with the flow.  So I decided to try it on Kelso……..


His reaction was a little different than Willie’s.   He really did not want to sit still long enough for us to even get it on him and after we did finally get it on,  he immediately started plotting his revenge.   I could see the wheels turning!  His little brain was thinking of all the ways he could get us back for this.  I have to admit I was a little afraid to fall asleep that night and decided it would be best to take it off of him and forget it ever even happened.  Kelso now uses it as a pillow and all is good in the world again.   I will definitely pull it out again though because it was highly amusing to watch them wearing it.   (Maybe not for them, but that’s beside the point)

This Lion Mane is made very well and only needs a quick brushing to make it look great right out of the bag.   It would be absolutely adorable for Halloween or for any day you just need a good laugh.  Personally, I think every King of the Jungle should have one!




Like just about every woman I know,  I am always looking for new anti-aging products.   Especially for the eyes.    If your eyes look tired and puffy it doesn’t matter how good the rest of you looks, you sill still look tired & puffy yourself.   I have horrible insomnia so puffiness is a huge problem for me.  I always look like I have bags under my eyes and I get told all the time that I look tired.   ( I am tired but that’s another story lol)  I feel like I am asking for a miracle to want my eyes to look normal again.   I’ve tried a bunch of different products and really hadn’t noticed much difference with any of them.  Some of them gave a temporary tightening of the skin that helped for a few minutes and then stopped and others didn’t seem to do anything at all.   When I was asked to review this Ultra Spa Pro Anti-Aging complex I was skeptical.  I didn’t really expect great results but I was hoping for something noticeable.


I still couldn’t see much difference after 3 days of use but by the 6th day I was starting to see a little less puffiness.   (I don’t really have dark circles so I’m not sure if it helped with that but as you can see I have bad issues with puffiness.)  By day 9 I could see more improvement and I was actually starting to get a little excited about this product!  I was already seeing better results than I have with any other eye serum I’ve tried.



I have now been using it for 2 weeks and I can definitely see a big difference.   My eyes are much less puffy and I actually feel like I look more awake now.   I even had someone tell me that I looked good the other day when I was out and that hadn’t happened it awhile.  Usually people just ask me if I’m OK and comment that I look tired so that was wonderful to hear.  There is hope for these tired eyes at last!

I am very pleased that there is no strong odor and no burning or stinging of any kind and it’s great for sensitive skin since it’s made from plant stem cell serum.  I love that it’s made from natural products and not full of chemicals.  It only takes a pea size amount for both eyes so this bottle will last for months and it absorbs really easily into the eye area and as you can see,  the results are real!    Trust me, if it can help get rid of my puffiness with the insomnia I have,  it can help anyone.

disclaimernocontestsharepostDisclosure: I received one or more of the products mentioned above in exchange for review from Giveaway Service website. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. Reference ID: pmc5c3d4fe6b2cc463c7d7ecba17cc9de7



I love reviewing styling products.   With my stubborn,  sort of wavy – sort of straight hair I really need something to help me get it in shape.  Not just any styling tool will work either.  My hair is pretty thick so it has to be one that will get hot enough to have an effect.   This Gurin Salon Model hair straightener can be adjusted all the way to 450 degrees which works perfect for hair like mine.  (It also has a low temp setting if you have fine or thin hair too.)  I am also a big fan of the super long,  swivel cord.   I couldn’t be happier that more and more companies are using the swivel cords.  It’s such a big help in keeping from getting all tangled up in the cord and definitely makes it less awkward to use.  As you can see from my before/after pics I got really good results with this hair straightener.  My hair turned out straight and smooth and looks so much better than if I would have just blow dried it.


My favorite thing about this hair straightener is it’s size.   The paddle is small enough that you can easily straighten your bangs without fear of burning your forehead but it’s still large enough that you can do fairly wide sections of hair on the rest of your hair.  It also works great for getting those stubborn “baby hairs” around your neck line.  I’ve tried some straighteners that the paddle was just to big to get a hold of those,  so that was a big plus for me!     It is built to last, works wonderfully and even comes with a pretty red silk carrying case.   If I were you, I would snag one at this awesome price before they realize they are selling them to cheap.


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Since I already have a hair straightener I have decided to give this one away.   Please keep in mind that the winner will receive the same hair straightener that I used for this review.  While it has been used a couple of times for review purposes it is still like brand new and will be packaged as I received it.   This prize will be coming from Bella’s Blog and NOT from Gurin.   (Gurin has nothing to do with this giveaway so please do not contact them if you have questions)  Please keep things fair and only use one email to enter.  I will not honor a win if I think there is cheating involved.  (Thankfully,  this has never happened on my page since I have such awesome fans,  but I had to say it just in case)   You can enter using the Rafflecopter widget below and I wish you luck!

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 Purex Insiders has been coming out with  many new products lately, from new body washes and hand soaps to amazing new laundry products.  I’m happy to say that they have now added products for babies and small children too.    The Dial body & hair wash for babies is super gentle for babies sensitive skin.   It won’t sting their  little eyes or cause irritation to their skin.  It has a very soft scent that is perfect for babies since they smell so good naturally you don’t really want to cover that up.  (Nothing could smell  better than a clean baby anyway, if you ask me) It’s mild enough to use every day and it won’t dry out your baby’s skin.



The Dial foaming hand wash for kids is great too.   Kids love the fun foaming action and the kid friendly scents they offer.   I was given the Watery Melon scent to try and it smells so good.  It only takes a pump or so to get quite a bit of foam and it really leaves your hands feeling super clean without drying them out at all.   Truly a fun way to get kids more interested in washing their hands when they need to and anything that makes cleanliness fun is on the top of every parent’s list.  This stuff smells so good you may have trouble getting them to stop.



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One of my favorite things about being a Purex Insider is that they always give me coupons to share with my readers.   This time they gave me coupons that you can use to get your choice of a free Dial body & hair wash for babies or a free Dial for Kids foaming hand wash.   I have decided to pick 3 winners and you can enter using the Rafflecopter widget below.   Please keep it fair and enter using only one email address.  I won’t honor a win if I see that you’ve entered using more than one anyway  ( I’m happy to say that hasn’t ever happened on my page but I’ve seen it on other pages so I had to say it).  Please share this giveaway with your friends too.  I’m sure many of them would love to try it.  Good luck!

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I cook almost every night and even with all of that experience I still worry about things like food poisoning and e-coli.   It was drilled into my head growing up that if you don’t cook your meats long enough, especially poultry & pork,  you can become deathly ill.   Unfortunately my mother took that to the extreme and cooked everything until it resembled shoe leather.  I was convinced that I didn’t even like most meats when I was little and didn’t learn until I was adult working in a steakhouse that it was because they were cooked to death.  I am SO thankful that the cook at that steakhouse  explained to me that all meat does not have to be charbroiled to be healthy and risk free.   I still remember my first bite of a piece of prime rib that was still red….I was sort of worried because it was red but tried it anyway…and OMG!!  It was so juicy and had more flavor than anything I had ever eaten!   Right away I became a meat lover to the extreme!  BUT….I also learned that with poultry and pork products you better be worried!   You can cause some truly horrible problems if you don’t get them right.  They both have to be cooked thoroughly for them to be safe to eat, so again, I found myself overcooking both.   Frazoni to the rescue!!

meatthermometer9 This meat thermometer is perfect for me.  It has a nice, slim design and a large screen so it’s easy to read.   It’s super simple to use and I love that the cord on the temperature prong is long enough to reach from the oven to the counter top.   You can set the controls for the temperature you’d like your food to be, insert the probe into the meat, place it in the oven and not worry at all anymore.  It will beep when the meat reaches the desired temperature to let you know it is done and all you have to do is take it out.  (You can choose if you want to use Celsius or Fahrenheit on the back of the unit)


I, of course, had to go get a turkey so I can see how well this really works.   (Plus it sounded SO nice to have a mini Thanksgiving in April LOL)  I looked up the proper temp for turkey and discovered that 160 degrees is considered safe.   I set the timer to alert me when it reached 150 degrees because I had the turkey covered with foil and wanted to allow time to brown too.   Once the turkey reached 150 degrees I removed the foil and by the time it reached 160 my turkey was a nice golden brown.   (It wasn’t as brown as I normally go though.  I am usually so worried about under cooking that I leave it in too long).  I was a little worried that it wasn’t going to be cooked all the way through but decided to trust the thermometer.  I am so glad I did….This was by far the best turkey I have ever made!  It was very tender and so juicy!!  Even my husband, who usually only eats dark meat because he says the white meat is too dry, loved it!  I will never go back to “eye balling it” again.


I also tried it out while cooking chicken on the stove top and it worked just as well.   You end up with such juicy chicken and it’s so nice to know that it is safe from salmonella or e-coli or the many other things that can make you ill.  My husband has always liked my cooking but this has made it much better.  I am no longer over cooking meats and losing the juices, and most of the flavor, that you lose when you over cook.   It is also perfect for steaks because you can cook them from rare to well and know that they will be exactly what was requested.

I did have one issue with this thermometer though.   I could not find an on/off switch on it anywhere.  When it started beeping to alert me that my turkey was done, I could not figure out how to turn it off or how to stop the beeping.  I had to take off the battery cover and remove the battery to get it to quit.  My husband also looked and neither of us could find a way to turn it off.   Luckily there is an extra spot in the battery compartment to leave the battery when you are not using it but an on/off switch is something they definitely need to add.   Other than that though, I am very pleased with my results and would definitely recommend this thermometer.  Considering this can ease a lot of food safety concerns I think every household should have one. Food poisoning is a big deal and this will help eliminate it and many other illnesses and you can’t really put a price on that!




Disclosure: I received one or more of the products mentioned above in exchange for review from  Giveaway Service  website. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.



The older I get, the more important my bed and the bedding I choose have become to me.   I used to sleep on any old sheets and didn’t even know there was a difference, but as I got older I started noticing how uncomfortable the cheaper bedding felt and started looking for better quality. For the last few years I have mostly purchased Egyptian cotton sheets because I like how crisp they feel but sometimes I miss having softer sheets to climb in to.  When I was offered these 100% flannel sheets from Yorkshire-Mayfair to review they seemed like they would be a great choice so I was excited to try them.


Our mattress is really thick and sometimes it’s hard to find sheets that will fit correctly.   I’ve even had to use clips or mattress suspenders to keep some of them in place. It’s so aggravating to  try to sleep on a mattress when a corner of the sheet comes off and it’s all bunched up underneath you.  I am happy to say that these sheets fit our mattress perfectly and have not budged after using them for a week now.  They are specially made for extra thick mattresses.  They also washed quite nicely.  I washed them before putting them on and they didn’t “pill up” or lose their shape at all and they came out feeling super soft.  They are also really thick and honestly it feels as good as snuggling up under your favorite T-shirt if you could crawl under it.   They feel really soft against the skin and they don’t “crease up” underneath you while you are sleeping.


I highly recommend these if you are looking for a good quality, comfortable set of sheets.  They keep you very warm, but since they are cotton, they also “breathe” so you don’t get overly hot.  I haven’t even had to stick my foot out while I sleep this week to cool down and that’s almost a miracle.




If you follow my page at all, you know how much  I enjoy being a Purex Insider.  They are constantly offering new products and new varieties of their existing products.   This time I was given Dial Miracle Oil hand soap to review and once again,  they did not let me down.  I had already reviewed the body wash and am a huge fan, so I was excited to get to try the complementing hand soap.  Like the body wash, it smells wonderful and leaves your skin feeling so soft and silky smooth.  It doesn’t leave any kind of oily residue on your skin and really makes your hands feel moisturized.  My hands have gotten so dry this Winter that I love having a hand soap that doesn’t make that worse.  No need for lotion afterwards or anything.


Purex offers a lot of different hand soap varieties and they also sent me a coupon good for each one.   I received a coupon for a free Sugar Cane hand soap, a free foaming hand soap and one that is good for any variety.  This is always one of my favorite perks of being a Purex Insider since it gives me an opportunity to offer a few of my readers a chance to try it out too.  I have decided to give away all 3 of these coupons this time since I have already been lucky enough to try them all myself.  My personal favorites (so far) are the ones from the Boutique Collection.  I love the moisturizing beads and the way the smell, but the Miracle Oil comes in as a nice second choice for me since I love the way it makes my hands feel afterwards.



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I will choose 3 winners and will randomly send them each one of the coupons shown above.

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I think I surprised a few people when I told them I was reviewing a selfie stick.  Anybody that knows me, knows that I hate having my picture taken and rarely take a selfie.  (Unless it’s for a sweepstakes entry anyway)  However,  when I started thinking of all of the ways this could come in handy for my reviews I had to apply.  I am so glad I did.  This has already come in handy for me several times.  You can use it to take all kinds of different types of pics from a large group photo to the pile of goodies the mailman brought you.


I review a lot of  different types of things and I’m always taking pictures.   I usually have to bug my husband if I need a pic that I can’t take by myself.   I may need a pic of the back of my head for a hair styling tool I’m reviewing or maybe a full body shot for an article of clothing.   If my husband isn’t home I have to wait or else try to go into the bathroom  to use the mirrors to get the shot I need.  But then, it’s in the bathroom…..I don’t know about you but I get kind of tired of seeing posts from  people’s bathrooms.  I also like to take pictures of the mail I get everyday.  It’s a fun way to start off each day because my readers also post in the comments what they get and it’s just fun to see what everybody got.   Sometimes I get lucky and get so many things that I can’t get it all in the picture so this selfie stick is a perfect solution.


It would also be great while traveling.   How many times have you been in a beautiful spot on vacation and had to ask a stranger to take your picture?   And probably worrying all the time that they may run off with your camera or your smart phone.   With the selfie stick you can get a picture of the whole group without bothering anyone or leaving someone out of the pic because they are taking the picture.   It’s also much better than using a timer and then the person that’s setting it has to try to get into the picture before the camera goes off.   We all know that doesn’t always work out so great.  Again…..selfie stick to the rescue!

I recommend this for everybody.  It is definitely not just for selfies although it is also great for them too.  I’m sure I will be using this several times a week and I definitely think every blogger should have one.