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Bellas Blog is my way to share information about getting freebies on the internet,  earning money online,  playing games, winning prizes and  just having fun!

My home page will always show my latest posts in the order that I’ve written them.  This makes it easy to come on each day and see what I’ve posted that day and catch up on any that you’ve missed.  I have also broken down the posts into separate categories so you can easily find what you are looking for whether it be the latest freebies or a great way to earn some extra cash.  There is also a search bar so if you are looking for a particular post you can simply type in a key word and be directed right to it.  I hope all of these things will make Bella’s Blog more enjoyable and easier to navigate.

I would like to add that I hate spam and  I will never post a freebie that will make you “jump through hoops” to get it.  If I promote a site you can be assured that I also use it myself and that it is legit and will pay as claimed. I pride myself on finding honest freebies and great deals without any strings attached.  I started this page because I got tired of seeing what looked like a great freebie only to find out that I had to join a site,  click on a million pages, or work my behind off to get it.   Rest assured that you won’t see that here.

I have also started doing a lot of reviews lately.  I do get paid for some of them but I will always give my honest opinion.  I will never recommend a product that I wouldn’t use myself or recommend to friends or family.   If you are interested in having your product reviewed on my blog you can contact me at brenda@bellasblog.info.  

I also do  Amazon only reviews.  You can view my Amazon profile HERE and contact me at brenda@bellasblog.info if you are interested in having your product reviewed on Amazon.

Thanks for joining me!    Invite your friends along and let’s make some money,  fill up our mailboxes and have a good time!!

You can also join me on Facebook.  I post tons of freebies on there.  I also play games fairly regularly and my fans seem to love winning the prizes!      I try to keep the page fun and I really enjoy helping people find great deals.  It’s my way of paying it forward.   I hope you’ll join me!

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