Play “Caption It” for a chance to win a $25 Zippo E-code from Bella’s Blog.  Good luck!

Simply Caption the Photo in the blog post to enter.

(To leave a comment just click on the link in the green bar at the top of the post that says “Leave a Comment”) Comments have to go through moderation before they will show up so don’t worry if yours doesn’t show up right away.

RULES: Only one email can be submitted for each person.  If you are found to be using more than one email you will be disqualified.  It is mandatory to leave a “Caption It” comment to enter.  All other entries are optional.

Winner will have 24 hours to claim their prize.  The winner’s name will be posted on the Rafflecopter widget and I will post the results on Facebook.  I will also e-mail the winner so they will have plenty of ways to know they’ve won.  I already have the e-code and pin number so the winner will receive their prize as soon as I see they have claimed it.  Good luck!!


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  1. Sandra Crispo says:

    “Be a roadie, they said, it is easy work they said, will eventually get to play with the band, RIGHT (NOT)!!!

  2. mary mcmenamy says:

    Very nice I mletting the dog out

  3. velma murphy says:

    this is heavy dog 🙂

  4. I hear we are setting up for Snoop Dogg,
    Geez… I hope he throws us a bone!!!

  5. mary alice ford says:

    And i give up an afternoon of laying on the sofa in front of the tv for this

  6. i got your back dog, now lets rock this

  7. There better be some raw hides, beneful, and a good belly rub evolved after all this mess!

  8. Doing it doggie style!

  9. christine porter says:

    “I’m gonna need a massage after this!”

  10. remember that bacon you promised me for doing this

  11. Carol Yemola says:

    This is going to be interesting when I have to use the fire hydrant!

  12. Deborah Farris says:

    Golden Retriever in the back: “Yo, Mikey…make sure to lift with your knees!”

  13. “Bad To The Bone”

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