I wanted this for my stepson when I first saw it.  He runs to stay in shape for the various sports he plays and I thought he would like to be able to listen to his music while he ran.  Since we got it for him he has enjoyed running much more.   I think the music helps keep his mind of of the “chore” of it and just makes it more pleasant for him.  He just straps it to his arm, runs the earbud wires up the back of his shirt, places them in his ears and off he goes.  The armband itself is comfortable to wear and adjusts to just about any arm width from a preteen to a pretty large man.  (works for up to 14 1/2 inch biceps)  I was a little worried that it would cause his arm to sweat more, which would make it sort of uncomfortable to wear,  but that didn’t seem to be an issue at all.  He really seems to enjoy it and hasn’t mentioned anything he dislikes about it.


I was sort of surprised when my husband said he wanted to use if while doing his lawn work.  I figured the lawn mower, weed eater, etc., would be too loud for him to hear it over but I was wrong.  He said that he can hear perfectly fine and again, this makes his chores seem much less like work and more like fun.  I am all for anything that turns chores into fun myself!  Now he rides his lawn mower around the yard while rocking out to his favorite band and he really doesn’t seem to mind doing it as much at all.


He has used it while pulling weeds, trimming bushes, weed eating and just about every other lawn related maintenance you can think of.  I would have never even thought to use it that way but I’m really happy that he is able to and that it works so well.  It’s also pretty awesome that although all of us have different smart phones, they all fit into this armband.   It’s pretty easy to use the touch screen with it on too.  The only thing that we had any trouble with is the buttons on the side,  like the volume button.  You do have to take it out of the sleeve to work the side buttons so you have to make sure the volume is set before you strap it on.  Other than that, it works wonderfully and I’m sure we will find many more ways to use it.  If my husband will share that is…..he has sort of claimed it for his own.  He does that with quite a few of the tech gadgets I get to review…..


For such a simple idea it is really nice to have.  One of those things that you didn’t know you needed until you got it.

Product Description

COMPATIBILITY: Compatible with the Samsung S5 S4 S3,iPhone 6 (4.7) and HTC One phones from all carriers – AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon etc.
PROTECTION: Protects and keeps your phone safe from moisture while working out
USE: Convenient and easy to use. Easy access to ear phones and controls. Includes convenient key holder.
SIZE: Fits sizes from 9 to 14.5 inches. Not for body builders or those with biceps over 14.5 inches.
SAFETY: Night reflector feature allows for increased visibility after dark.
VALUE : Why Pay more? This is a great value for the price 🙂 So affordable why not buy two?
CARE: We strongly recommend that you hand wash and air dry this armband. Treat this armband as you would any phone case and do not place in the washer/dryer as this can cause tears etc..
MATERIAL: Nylon, Velcro and Neoprene



  1. Sandra Crispo says:

    Something that man and boy can enjoy and agree on, great concept, lol!! Seriously, seems like most anyone could benefit from this in doing chores, exercising, etc. My husband is hard or hearing and have not got his hearing aids yet but he could try this while using weed whacker and if I ever start my walking routine (lol) might try it myself!!

    • bellahogue13 says:

      It would be great while exercising or cleaning and I bet your husband would love it if he has trouble hearing. It really is a great gadget!

  2. Seems pretty handy, for teens and adults. would be great while cleaning also.

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