BRACELET9 I had never heard of Soufeel Jewelry  when I was asked to do this review so I wasn’t sure what to expect when I accepted.  I have to say, I was more than pleasantly surprised!   First off, it arrived beautifully boxed and they even included a gift bag.  Presentation is very important and right away I knew this was a high quality item. BRACELET10 I was not wrong!  This bracelet is absolutely beautiful and so well made.   It is made from high quality 925 Sterling Silver and I absolutely love the clasp that it has.  It is a barrel type clasp that firmly holds each end of the bracelet in place and it will not come off until you take it off.  It locks very securely so there is no worry of it falling off of your wrist while you are doing your daily activities and it does not pull your arm hairs when you move.   (Ugh! I hate that!)    You can also tell that each bead was made with care.   The details are gorgeous and they are made to last a lifetime.   There are charms to suit any personality and charms for special occasions too.   They add new arrivals fairly often so it’s easy to find the ones you, or a loved one,  will just have to own.  (These charms will also fit Pandora & Chamilia bracelet but with a much lower price.) BRACELET11 bracelet15 I am totally  in love with the bracelet and charms that I received.   It looks great whether you are dressed up or dressed casually  and will work with any outfit.  The stones really sparkle and the sterling silver shines like crazy.  It is a definite eye catcher for sure.   This bracelet is so nice that I would love to pass it on to my Granddaughter someday with the hope that she too would pass it down.   I can see somebody 100s of years from now saying that this bracelet I’m wearing  used to belong to my Great Great Grandma Brenda and that just makes me happy to think about. BRACELET2

Enter to win a 925 Sterling Silver Starter Bracelet from Soufeel and a 925 Sterling Silver Charm/Bead from Bella’s Blog.   Good luck! giveaaway2braceletwinner

The winner of the giveaway will receive one starter bracelet from the sponsor at Soufeel and since they didn’t include a bead to give away, I will personally give the winner their choice of one of the beads I was sent for this review. The Starter Bracelet is a $29.95 value and the charm/beads start at $15.95 so this prize is worth at least $45

Make sure to visit the Soufeel New Arrivals page so you can choose your 3 favorite beads and you will see on the Rafflecopter widget that you will get 5 bonus entries if you do this and leave a blog comment telling me your 3 faves.

Please keep it fair and do not enter using multiple entries.  I will disqualify if I see this as that is a form of cheating.  (Thankfully that has never happened on my page but I have to say it) Please share with your friends and good luck!

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  1. angela heath says:

    Love the birthstone bead, red heart bead with bow & Capricorn Sign 🙂 there’s a lot more.

  2. Deborah Farris says:

    Quatrefoil pendent, around the world and blue seahorse are my faves!

  3. Deborah Farris says:

    Absolutely love this!

  4. heather hess says:

    july charm (my birth month along with my nieces, sisters, moms, sis in laws and father in laws…lol), heart lock charm and cute horse

  5. kathy stowell says:

    love the owl heart and thehorse

  6. Jenni Truelove says:

    too hard to chose from them all but i love the pinks birthstone and all the purple ones.

  7. M Allie Webb says:

    i like the feather charm , vintage rose & interlaced heart charm their all beautiful thanks for the great giveaway !

  8. Kim Avery says:

    Heart Lock, Vintage Roses and any one of the birthstones

  9. Billie James says:

    wow!! its very pretty!!! i will be going to check out more of their things !

  10. Christine Beasley says:

    My three favorite beads are Beautiful Feather Dangle Charm 925 Sterling Silver (SKU: YB1187), The Jungle Owl Charm 925 Sterling Silver (SKU: XS1160), and Quatrefoil Charm 925 Sterling Silver (SKU: XS1185).

  11. Melissa Ann Stura-Bassett says:

    Blossoming Flower
    Heart Lock
    Double Deck Pink Snowflake

  12. Kari Wagoner says:

    Blossoming flower,Crystal love,and interlaced heart charm

  13. velma murphy says:

    I am sorry i can’t choose i love them all 🙂

  14. The ones for each month is awesome. The sparkle heart is so pretty . The blue flowers is cute too.

  15. Sandra Crispo says:

    interlaced-heart-charm-925-sterling-silver.html the-jungle-owl-charm-925-sterling-silver.html heart-lock-charm-925-sterling-silver.html ARE THE 3 I LIKED THE MOST

  16. ,lisa whitener says:

    my first choice would be the interlace heart charm 925 sterling silver
    second choice is the i love my boys white crystal photo charm 925 sterling silver
    third choice is the terrible skull charm sterling silver 925

  17. I like the Pisces Charm 925 Sterling Silver
    ( live laugh love
    and the
    Crystal Love Charm
    First two aint new, but they are new to me since i’ve never seen em! LOL

    • bellahogue13 says:

      I love the crystal love charm. They definitely have just about any type you can think of. These would make awesome gifts. Good luck!

  18. Red heart with a bow,blue dolphin, and the December birth stone

  19. Angela Vaught Montgomery says:

    My first pick is Peacock Charm 925 Sterling Silver because my grandkids love Peacocks then the
    October Birthstone Pink Red Swarovski Elements Charm 925 Sterling Silver for my Birthstone and the
    White Murano Glass Bead 925 Sterling Silver Charm love the design on it

    • bellahogue13 says:

      I love the Murano ones 🙂 I don’t remember the peacock one but I’m gonna go back and look….they are all so pretty though. Good luck!

    • bellahogue13 says:

      First one on the page and I didn’t remember it LOL….wow….it is too cute though!

  20. Brianna Ketchum says:

    I love the cute lill chubby horse one…the pink rose and the crystal love charm its a heart with little pink crystals in side their all so cute!

  21. Jennifer Lang says:

    I’d choose the Crystal Heart (says luck), the key to my heart and the bloom in flower heart.

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