Like just about every woman I know,  I am always looking for new anti-aging products.   Especially for the eyes.    If your eyes look tired and puffy it doesn’t matter how good the rest of you looks, you sill still look tired & puffy yourself.   I have horrible insomnia so puffiness is a huge problem for me.  I always look like I have bags under my eyes and I get told all the time that I look tired.   ( I am tired but that’s another story lol)  I feel like I am asking for a miracle to want my eyes to look normal again.   I’ve tried a bunch of different products and really hadn’t noticed much difference with any of them.  Some of them gave a temporary tightening of the skin that helped for a few minutes and then stopped and others didn’t seem to do anything at all.   When I was asked to review this Ultra Spa Pro Anti-Aging complex I was skeptical.  I didn’t really expect great results but I was hoping for something noticeable.


I still couldn’t see much difference after 3 days of use but by the 6th day I was starting to see a little less puffiness.   (I don’t really have dark circles so I’m not sure if it helped with that but as you can see I have bad issues with puffiness.)  By day 9 I could see more improvement and I was actually starting to get a little excited about this product!  I was already seeing better results than I have with any other eye serum I’ve tried.



I have now been using it for 2 weeks and I can definitely see a big difference.   My eyes are much less puffy and I actually feel like I look more awake now.   I even had someone tell me that I looked good the other day when I was out and that hadn’t happened it awhile.  Usually people just ask me if I’m OK and comment that I look tired so that was wonderful to hear.  There is hope for these tired eyes at last!

I am very pleased that there is no strong odor and no burning or stinging of any kind and it’s great for sensitive skin since it’s made from plant stem cell serum.  I love that it’s made from natural products and not full of chemicals.  It only takes a pea size amount for both eyes so this bottle will last for months and it absorbs really easily into the eye area and as you can see,  the results are real!    Trust me, if it can help get rid of my puffiness with the insomnia I have,  it can help anyone.

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  1. Sounds like i need to try this

    • bellahogue13 says:

      It took a few days to start seeing results but I am definitely seeing them and hoping they will get even better after more time. If you try it, let me know what you think!

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