I love reviewing styling products.   With my stubborn,  sort of wavy – sort of straight hair I really need something to help me get it in shape.  Not just any styling tool will work either.  My hair is pretty thick so it has to be one that will get hot enough to have an effect.   This Gurin Salon Model hair straightener can be adjusted all the way to 450 degrees which works perfect for hair like mine.  (It also has a low temp setting if you have fine or thin hair too.)  I am also a big fan of the super long,  swivel cord.   I couldn’t be happier that more and more companies are using the swivel cords.  It’s such a big help in keeping from getting all tangled up in the cord and definitely makes it less awkward to use.  As you can see from my before/after pics I got really good results with this hair straightener.  My hair turned out straight and smooth and looks so much better than if I would have just blow dried it.


My favorite thing about this hair straightener is it’s size.   The paddle is small enough that you can easily straighten your bangs without fear of burning your forehead but it’s still large enough that you can do fairly wide sections of hair on the rest of your hair.  It also works great for getting those stubborn “baby hairs” around your neck line.  I’ve tried some straighteners that the paddle was just to big to get a hold of those,  so that was a big plus for me!     It is built to last, works wonderfully and even comes with a pretty red silk carrying case.   If I were you, I would snag one at this awesome price before they realize they are selling them to cheap.


Enter to win a Gurin Salon Model Hair Straightener from Bella’s Blog.  One lucky winner will win this awesome styling tool.    Good luck!

Since I already have a hair straightener I have decided to give this one away.   Please keep in mind that the winner will receive the same hair straightener that I used for this review.  While it has been used a couple of times for review purposes it is still like brand new and will be packaged as I received it.   This prize will be coming from Bella’s Blog and NOT from Gurin.   (Gurin has nothing to do with this giveaway so please do not contact them if you have questions)  Please keep things fair and only use one email to enter.  I will not honor a win if I think there is cheating involved.  (Thankfully,  this has never happened on my page since I have such awesome fans,  but I had to say it just in case)   You can enter using the Rafflecopter widget below and I wish you luck!

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  1. velma murphy says:

    ty so much bellas blog 🙂

  2. crystal turner says:

    love this giveaway really hope i can win.. i been wanting one for years

  3. Love how it makes your hair so light and straight. Love the review/demostration

  4. Sarah Traphagan says:

    Thank you for this giveaway. I would love to give this to my mother 🙂

  5. Sandra Crispo says:

    I do not personally need a hair straightener but could shre with family who needs it!! Great review as always!!

  6. valerie guerrero says:

    love this giveaway especially with mothers day and my bday may 15 right around the corner

  7. Deborah Farris says:

    this would be awesome for my daughter!

  8. Cara Harmon says:

    I would love to win this giveaway!!

  9. Yahoo!!

  10. this giveway is awesome

  11. Kari Wagoner says:

    Thanks for the chance!!!

  12. Billie James says:

    hay thats awesome, your hair looks great.. if i dont win i am going to buy one!!!

    • bellahogue13 says:

      Thank you and yay! You really should snag one….especially at that price! It works fantastic as you can see 🙂 Good luck!

  13. Stacy Giacosa-Bauer says:

    Fabulous Giveaway! Since I color my hair all the time, I sure could use a good straightener for all the frizz! Thank You for the chance to Win!

  14. Lupe Torres says:

    With four girls in the house this would come in so handy. Thank You for the chance ❤️

  15. I think mine and your hair is about the same, except (lucky me) my waves are waving at each other! LOL AND I got a butt load baby ringlet curls . (which i hate) LOL This sees like a great straightener. Great review! GREAT giveaway too! Good luck to all!

    • bellahogue13 says:

      Sure sounds like we have the same type of hair lol. The baby hairs get on my nerves more than anything because they make the hair look super puffy so I’m impressed at how well this straightener gets them. Thanks for the nice comments and good luck!

  16. Michelle Cheronecook says:

    Nice giveaway!

  17. Denise Dixon says:

    Thank you for the chance I so need a new one .. fingers crossed

  18. I enjoyed the review but what i liked the most was the before and after pictures of your hair, the straightener made a big difference, I have the wavy /straight also, and actually the straightener was much cheaper than i expected it to be, thanks for the review .

    • bellahogue13 says:

      Thank you! And I made a huge difference. I am truly shocked at the price myself, they are sort of selling themselves short. Good luck!

  19. Dawn Sterner says:

    This is awesome! I really need a new one, my hair is a mess! Thanks 🙂

  20. jennifer packwood says:

    Thanks for the chance!!!!!!

  21. heather hess says:

    ty for the chance. my daughter hair is really curly and we have had trouble finding a good one for her hair

  22. M Allie Webb says:

    I would love to have this I have long hair this would work great for thanks for chance

  23. LAURA HARRIS says:

    You are awesome!!!!!!..I love your hair!

  24. I need a new straightener. Mine is so sticky and gross!

  25. jeannietherrien says:

    Showing love.. ❤❤

  26. Jessica Branch says:

    I could really use this my hair is a big poof ball unless I straighten it lol Thanks for the giveaway

  27. jeannietherrien says:

    Idk if this entry went through or not. Lol ty bella.

  28. Melissa Ann Stura Bassett says:

    Love Bellas Blog.. Seeing all the new products and reading the reviews make buying easier for me

  29. jeannie therrien says:

    Bella, Im here!!! Bingo!!

  30. Love your blog. Always get a lot of useful info, love the bingo to lol. Woyld love 6o try this hair straightener good luck to everyone that enters

  31. lisa ward says:

    Thank you fir the giveaway. . I also have thick hair even though i keep it short now i still have to straighten it. Great review !!

    • bellahogue13 says:

      I have to keep my hair long or it gets even more wavy! If I had short hair I wouldn’t be able to live without a straightener LOL Good luck!

  32. I do not use twitter, so I am not able to do those ones… :/ Thank you for the chance of winning. 🙂

  33. Awesome giveaway,Both myself and my daughter have very long hair. This would be great.

    • bellahogue13 says:

      I love the difference that a straightener makes on my hair. It goes from looking like a “hot mess” to smooth and shiny in about 10 minutes! Good luck!

  34. velma murphy says:

    u r awesome parson 🙂

  35. angela heath says:

    Love all the reviews here on Bella’s Blog they are so helpful 🙂

    • bellahogue13 says:

      Thanks so much! It’s so nice to hear that people enjoy reading them. Makes me happy because I love doing reviews! Good Luck!

  36. carriescreativekitchen says:

    What a fun giveaway!
    Great job on the review. 😉

  37. Brianna Ketchum says:

    omg i so need this been wanting to do my hair more thanks for the chance!! your blog is so amazing and you are too for all you do ! 🙂

  38. Lisa Garrett Herring says:

    Awesome giveaway. Thanks so much for the chance.

  39. Audrea souza says:

    love bellas blog keep up the great work

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