I think I surprised a few people when I told them I was reviewing a selfie stick.  Anybody that knows me, knows that I hate having my picture taken and rarely take a selfie.  (Unless it’s for a sweepstakes entry anyway)  However,  when I started thinking of all of the ways this could come in handy for my reviews I had to apply.  I am so glad I did.  This has already come in handy for me several times.  You can use it to take all kinds of different types of pics from a large group photo to the pile of goodies the mailman brought you.


I review a lot of  different types of things and I’m always taking pictures.   I usually have to bug my husband if I need a pic that I can’t take by myself.   I may need a pic of the back of my head for a hair styling tool I’m reviewing or maybe a full body shot for an article of clothing.   If my husband isn’t home I have to wait or else try to go into the bathroom  to use the mirrors to get the shot I need.  But then, it’s in the bathroom…..I don’t know about you but I get kind of tired of seeing posts from  people’s bathrooms.  I also like to take pictures of the mail I get everyday.  It’s a fun way to start off each day because my readers also post in the comments what they get and it’s just fun to see what everybody got.   Sometimes I get lucky and get so many things that I can’t get it all in the picture so this selfie stick is a perfect solution.


It would also be great while traveling.   How many times have you been in a beautiful spot on vacation and had to ask a stranger to take your picture?   And probably worrying all the time that they may run off with your camera or your smart phone.   With the selfie stick you can get a picture of the whole group without bothering anyone or leaving someone out of the pic because they are taking the picture.   It’s also much better than using a timer and then the person that’s setting it has to try to get into the picture before the camera goes off.   We all know that doesn’t always work out so great.  Again…..selfie stick to the rescue!

I recommend this for everybody.  It is definitely not just for selfies although it is also great for them too.  I’m sure I will be using this several times a week and I definitely think every blogger should have one.



  1. I red your review I feel the same as you 100&!! I want one so I think as long as I get free shipping I am buying right this minute! Thanks for such a great review and as you know a lot of things have changed in my life and why I do not have picures of Dennis, Gunner and myself, but this solves that problem!!

  2. My daughter bought one of these. Her friends and her had a great time using it, in the car.

    • bellahogue13 says:

      LOL I wouldn’t have thought to use it in the car but I guess it would work just about anywhere you wanted it to.

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