I had tried a few different silicone baking items such as cupcake liners & baking pans and quickly became a huge fan so I wanted to branch out a little and try silicone baking gloves too.   I just love the whole concept of silicone baking products.  They are reusable so they are better for the environment and they clean easily and last forever.  I first tried a pair in store and wasn’t really a fan.  They were way too big for my hands and felt really awkward when I put them on.  That pair was also pretty thick (and heavy) and didn’t bend well so I was leery of getting them. It didn’t seem like I would have the control I needed to be able to take hot items out of the oven so I put them back on the shelf.

Then I was offered a chance to review these awesome baking gloves from Kitchen Hero.  The difference is astounding!  The Kitchen Hero gloves are smaller so they fit my hands much better.  They are also lighter and much more flexible.  I felt in control with these and was not at all worried about using them.  They are flexible enough that I can get a good grip on things and am no longer afraid of dropping hot food in the floor.  After trying them while baking I became curious as to what else I could use them for.  I have already come up with several other uses and I am sure I will discover many more as time goes on.


So far I have learned that they are great for keeping your hands safe when chopping vegetables.  I put the glove on the hand I am holding them with and it makes me less likely to accidentally cut myself.  My hands tend to shake a lot due to neurological issues so this is a big plus for me.  They also come in handy for replacing light bulbs.  You don’t even have to wait for them to cool down first! You can get a great grip on them and take them out easily with no worries of burning your hands on a hot bulb.  Another use I found totally by accident.  I had one of the gloves on my hand while I was walking around looking for things to use them on and my kitty spotted it.   He sure was interested!  He spent a few minutes smelling it and then began to swipe at it.  He had all four paws wrapped around my hand at one point and was kicking & clawing like crazy ….I didn’t feel a thing!  Not only did I not feel anything, his claws did absolutely no damage to the gloves either.  I could see a few tiny scratch marks but that was it.  Now anytime he sees me with the gloves on I have to stop and play for a bit.  I don’t even mind since it doesn’t hurt at all and he really enjoys it.

I’m sure I will discover many more uses for these gloves but even if I don’t,  I am very pleased with them already.

And now the giveaway part 🙂

Enter to win a pair of silicone baking gloves from Bella’s Blog & Kitchen Hero.  Good luck!

The sponsors at Kitchen Hero were also kind enough to let me offer a set of these kitchen gloves to one of my lucky readers.  You can enter using the Rafflecopter below and I wish you luck.

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  1. christie lopanec says:

    bbqing they would be great or handling the turkey at thanksgiving

  2. LAURA HARRIS says:

    I might try giving my cat a bath while wearing those..oh wait …I need an entire body suit made of + water = nightmare

    • bellahogue13 says:

      LMAO I thought about trying that but I just wasn’t brave enough! I agree with you…I would want way more than just my hands covered. Good luck!

  3. bev kimball says:

    Id use whenever I use the oven as I am always burning myself! Also while BBQing!! Would love to win!

  4. lakishia wagers says:

    I have never heard of these before now,would live to try them out,, would love to win 😉 Thanks for the chance

    • bellahogue13 says:

      I think you would love them. They have SO many uses and fit so well. I especially like how good of a grip they give me when taking heavier stuff in and out of the oven. Good luck!

  5. Jennifer Etheridge says:

    I would love to have a set. I used them for the first time at my moms this year. We make Peanut Brittle and she used them to flatten the hot brittle on the pan to thin it out for breaking. The gloves worked great to block out the 350 degree heat need to make the hard crack of the candy 🙂

    • bellahogue13 says:

      That’s a great use for them! And I LOVE peanut brittle…I may have to try that out. Good luck!

  6. Carol Yemola says:

    Grilling during the summer!

  7. Birdiebee says:

    I would see myself using these when I BBQ outside or when I am cleaning my oven as I do not have a self-cleaning one.

    • bellahogue13 says:

      I didn’t think about them for oven cleaning…great idea! Can’t wait to try them on the grill. Good luck!

  8. velma murphy says:

    clean a grill off 🙂

  9. Pamela Kumfer says:

    Cleaning our pellet stove

  10. I love your ideas! Playing with kitty is awesome! Maybe you could use them to pick up broken glass so you don’t get cut? I got that from you not getting scratched when playing with kitty.

  11. Brianna Ketchum says:

    baking or dealing with grease since i always tend to burn my self! 🙂

  12. What an awesome giveaway. These gloves would really help me out! I cook/bake a lot! 🙂

  13. Mandi E. Gilliam says:

    sure have…. i constantly leave pizza boxes in the oven and forget they are in there so these would help me get those fiery boxes out of the oven lol i mean seriously!! hahahah

  14. Mandi E. Gilliam says:

    sure have…. i constantly leave pizza boxes in the oven and forget they are in there so these would help me get those fiery boxes out of the oven lol

  15. kerry york says:

    Thank you gor the chance. I have two cats so it will come in handy for that too.

  16. I have no ideas off hand – but would love to try these.!

  17. amanda assencoa says:

    cant wait to try these babies out. i can use them to cook my easter dinner or when cooking on the grill !

  18. for when I put wood in the wood stove it would help so I don’t get burned and no more splinters

    • bellahogue13 says:

      I unfortunately don’t have one myself but that is a fantastic idea and I’m sure they would work great! Good luck!

  19. i think they would be great while washing the vehicle or deep elbo grease cleaning.

  20. Sandra Crispo says:

    My son, Tony, actually does most of the cooking now, and I think we would both love these; he likes to grill a lot and sure these would be great for the outside bar-b-que stuff. Plus we finally got a new stove (other was over 20 years old) with the newer cooktop in black and is brushed stainless steel, LOVE it!!!

    • bellahogue13 says:

      How awesome!! Congrats on the new stove! I am hoping for one of those myself LOL I can’t wait to try these gloves with the grill myself. Good luck!

      • Sandra Crispo says:

        Thanks, is so nice to cook on more than 2 small burners and a finicky oven, and no longer watching to make sure nothing burns in oven, just set temp and time and walla great food, LOL!!

  21. Kelly Hubbard says:

    I just burned my hands on a cookie tin pulling out Tacos

  22. Neko Yajaira Sam says:

    Or when I make a cake and the ban is hot

    • bellahogue13 says:

      They are awesome for that! I’ve used them for cupcakes, dinner rolls & garlic bread so far and they are great

  23. Neko Yajaira Sam says:

    I think there cool would like to try them on the grill

  24. Angela Vaught Montgomery says:

    I think they would be great when grilling out

  25. I would use them for hot glue. . I burn myself all the time.

  26. I think I really could use these I am always managing to burn myself./ Crazy I know but true!!!

  27. A new use for these gloves: Use them when you are cooking outside on the grill

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