I usually straighten my hair while blow drying and since my hair is pretty thick it takes forever, so I was super excited to get this hair straightener from Xtava.   Wow! Is it a time saver!  It  heats up in less than 2 minutes and you can select the temperature that is right for your hair.  This was a great option for me because my hair is hard to curl or straighten with a regular iron.   They never seem to get hot enough to give me results that will last.  This one gets much hotter and straightened my hair so quickly I was shocked!  The whole process took less than 10 minutes and just drying it straight usually takes me at least 20 so I am impressed.  I’m excited that it uses infared heat too because that is much less damaging to your hair even on the highest heat settings.


My favorite thing is how shiny it left my hair.  I definitely do not get results like that from a blow dryer!   I don’t think my hair has ever looked shinier or healthier.   Smooth as glass and it feels great too,  so soft and silky that I can’t quit running my fingers through it and it stays that way until I shampoo again.  I have gotten SO many compliments lately and at my age (50) that is especially nice.  My hair had been showing signs of age and looking sort of rough and unruly,  not quite straight but not quite wavy and it looked bulky and heavy.  As you can see from my before & after pics that is not the case anymore.  It actually looks better now than when I was younger and you can’t get any better than that!  And in less than 10 minutes!


This straightener also has an 8 foot swiveling cord which is so nice.   No more getting tangled up in the cord while trying to style my hair.   It also has a large paddle so you can do pretty large sections and it doesn’t pull or tug your hair like some straighteners do.   I’m really not sure what else they could have done to make it any better and the price is wonderful too!  I’ve seen straighteners going for upwards of $150 that don’t have the features that this one has.   If you’re looking for a high quality hair straightener look no further.   So far I have tried this straightener and their rotating barrel curling iron and I have been very pleased with both.   You can read my review of the curling iron HERE if you’d like.

Product Description

NEW INFRARED HIGHLY EFFICIENT HEAT TECHNOLOGY seals the hair’s natural moisture, adds silkiness and shine that will last all day. Regular heating affects the surface causing more damage and frizzy hair; the far infrared waves penetrate the inner layer of the hair strand, heating it from the inside out, protecting the cuticle which is the most fragile part of the hair shaft. Ceramic tourmaline generates Ionic technology that reduces the hair’s surface tension, leaving locks shiny and frizz-free.

DOUBLE THE SIZE, DOUBLE THE SPEED The InfraRed flat iron combines an upper Dual-Plate technology, that maintains even heat across the plates at all times, and an extra wide 2” bottom Floating plate for optimal coverage. Fast straightening in minimum strokes for the perfect silky straight hair.

MAXIMUM HAIR PROTECTION The InfraRed flat iron features a temperature regulation function to ensure damage free straightening. Its advanced microprocessor controller allows you to regulate the heat setting using 10 temperature steps between 265F-445F according to your individual needs. The superior quality ceramic heater enables the flat iron to reach maximum temperature within 90 seconds and allows for quick heat up recovery.

360 SWIVEL 8 FT. CORD You will not need any extension cord or a nearby outlet thanks to its 8 ft. long power cord. Avoid getting your cable entangled while styling your hair, with the integrated 360 degree swivel system that will simply rotate as you work.

SHUT-OFF FUNCTION Incorporates a convenient auto-shutoff function that will turn off the device when left unattended – never worry again after rushing out.




  1. wow that is just amazing, I have used two types of straighteners and none of them did any of this, I will be searching this and check it out, thank you for posting

  2. Sandra Crispos says:

    You can tell it straightened your hair nicely, and the shine is great. Sounds like good features with temp settings and long cord and swivel feature. I have long straight hair already so do not need this but my daughter-in-law Missy could really use something like this for her thick hair!!

  3. It looks like this product works very well for straightening hair.

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