Getting older seems to mean that you need tests…..lots of tests!   I feel like I’m constantly being monitored.  Doctors advise you check your sugar levels, cholesterol, body fat and a myriad of other things…….most importantly your blood pressure.    I developed high blood pressure as a side effect of another medicine I am taking and my Doctor suggested checking it several times a week to make sure my blood pressure meds are working.  For me, that meant a trip to the local pharmacy where I could check it on their monitor.  Needless to say, I don’t always feel like going out just for that so I was looking for an easier way to keep tabs on mine.  I have found the perfect solution.   The Santa Medical blood pressure monitor is not only affordable (can you believe it’s only $19.95!) but it is also very accurate.


One of the first things I heard  was that these type of monitors were not as effective as the ones at the pharmacy or Doctor’s office so I decided to test out this theory.  As you can see that is not true.  I asked the pharmacist about the slight difference and he said that is perfectly normal and that even the same machine will show differences like that if you take your blood pressure more than once.  (I also had a Doctor’s appointment 2 days after this and my blood pressure results in office were the same as I got using the Santa Medical blood pressure monitor at home before I went.)

You do have to use the monitor correctly to get the most accurate reading.  The steps are super simple and the fact that the screen is so large makes for a very easy test.  The whole process takes less than a minute too.  If you, or someone you love, need a simple way to keep tabs of your blood pressure this is perfect for you.   It comes with a carrying case and is 100% satisfaction guaranteed.  It also stores up to 60 past readings so you can keep even better tabs on your blood pressure and how it fluctuates.


I do need to mention that mine may have been damaged in transit.  The battery cover kept falling off every time I tried to use it but a piece of tape took care of that.  Even if this wasn’t from damage and was a defect it wouldn’t keep me from purchasing another.  The cost and accuracy far outweigh having to use a piece of tape to keep the cover on.  I just wanted to mention this as I always try to show the good and the bad of every product I test.  Other than that, I am extremely happy with this monitor.



  1. I really enjoyed reading your review!

    What did you use to benchmark your Santa Medical BP monitor? Is that a kiosk on the second picture?


  2. Sandra Crispo says:

    This sounds great will have my Dr.check out if insurance will cover this model, because have been meaning to get on and now Dom could use one also. Plus if the insurance does not is cheap enough to purchase outright!!

    • bellahogue13 says:

      I bet insurance would cover it since it is a necessity but yea at that price it’s a great deal either way! Good luck!

  3. Stephanie Najar says:

    This product sounds awesome! Glad to read this as my mom needs a new one and we are close to picking! This may get our purchase!

    • bellahogue13 says:

      I definitely recommend this one for ease of use and portability. It’s very accurate and so easy to use!

  4. Looks like a great monitoring device to have around.

  5. Billie James says:

    That is very cool.. with age creeping up on me, this is some info I could use now..

  6. I enjoy reading your reviews. You always give honest opinions and I can trust when you are behind a product! This is a very affordable way to keep track of blood pressure, I will be purchasing one for my husband soon. His blood pressure tends to run higher and his father also has high blood pressure. Thank you so much!

  7. i seriously need to get me one of these, thank you for the info.

  8. LaKishia Wagers says:

    I Love reading your blogs . I may need to end up getting one of these to help keep track of my heart rate. I have Wolff–Parkinson–White syndrome (WPW) ..( I use to use my late x husbands blood pressure machine to keep track of it ..Thank you for reviews 🙂

    • bellahogue13 says:

      Aww thanks so much! I’m not sure what Wolff Parkinson White syndrome is but I hope it’s not too serious. If you have to keep track of your BP or heart rate though this is a really nice monitor. I love how small it is and how easy it is to use…and the price is pretty great too!

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