Smile Brilliant is an at home teeth whitening system that uses custom made dental trays to assure the best fit which will lead to better whitening results.    Since the trays are molded to fit your teeth they fit more snugly and keep the gel where it’s most needed, allowing it to get in between teeth a little better to tackle the tougher stains.  Over time this gel will restore your teeth to their original color.

How does teeth whitening work?

The tooth is composed of 2 outer layers that surround the pulp which is the chamber that inhabits the nerves. The outer most layer is called the enamel which is a clear and hard coating that protects the tooth from extreme temperatures and impact. The enamel is porous which means substances can seep through and stain the inner second layer known as the dentin. The dentin is a soft bone like tissue that rest on top of the pulp. Everyone’s dentin has a slightly different shade of white, off white, or in rare cases yellow. The color of our dentin cannot be altered from teeth whitening. When some consumers report that a teeth whitening product had no effect on the color of their teeth it’s usually because that person has an off white or yellowish colored dentin. As long as the bleaching agent was either carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide it will remove all stains over time.


Here’s how the process works:

~Order the impression kit + gel (receive the kit in 2 business days)
~Take your impressions and mail them back using the prepaid/pre-addressed return envelope
~Teeth Whitening Trays will be created and shipped within 2-5 days
~Begin whitening with trays

This is literally the same thing sold by dentists for $500 + however at Smile Brilliant they start at less than $100.

smile The whole process was fairly easy.  They give you enough stuff to make 3 molds.  (You only need 2 but they give an extra just in case you make a mistake)  You simply combine the 2 ingredients and knead them until they are a uniform blue color.  Make sure not to knead too long or it will get less pliable.  For me, 45 seconds to a minute was perfect to get it blended well.   After blending them you simply lay the mix into the mold as evenly as possible and then place it into your mouth to get the impression.  (I will say that the mold for this was very big and I did have some trouble getting it into my mouth.  It even made my jaws hurt a little from having to open them so wide.)  You want to make sure you get a good enough impression too.  You should be able to see a little of the gum as well as all of the teeth.  Also make sure you only do one mold at a time since the product will stiffen as it sets.  After you create the molds you just rinse them under cold water for a few seconds and place them in the pre-paid envelope to mail them out.   You will receive your customized trays within 2 to 5 days of them receiving your molds.


When your mold are finished they will mail them back to you and you can get started with the whitening process.   Simply put a line of the whitening gel along the inside of the molds.   Make sure that it is sort of low in the mold so that when you put them on your teeth (which will cause the gel to spread) it will spread all over the teeth.  If you place the line of gel too far up on the mold it will cause more to end up on your gums and could cause some irritation.   You can leave the gel on for as little as 15 minutes or as long as 3 hours, the choice is yours.  I started off doing it for 30 minutes because I was worried about sensitivity and by the 4th  application I was up to an hour and a half.   It is suggested that you can leave them in for up to 3 hours for best results.  I haven’t done it for that long yet, but I am noticing results so I am satisfied with leaving it in for an hour or so myself.  I guess it really depends on how quickly you want to see the results and how much time you actually have to do it.

I used these for 4 applications and I did notice that the stains from smoking were less visible.  Especially the ones between my teeth.  I am not one of the lucky ones that ended up with super white teeth though.   Unfortunately, mine are sort of off-white naturally and there isn’t anything that can help that other than extensive dental work or veneers.  I am however still happy that the visible stains are gone and that they are a little whiter than when I started.   Others may have remarkable improvement in the whiteness of their teeth, it all really depends on what your natural color is.


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  1. Great info. I know this post is a few years old, but I appreciate it anyway. Coffee stains are bane of my dental life. I haven’t wanted to break down and invest in whitening, but I guess I’ve either got to cave and get my teeth brightened or quit coffee. And I don’t want to quit coffee. Thanks again for the post!

    • bellahogue13 says:

      Maybe this would work for you and you could still drink all the coffee you want to…I’m a smoker and it definitely helps with nicotine stains

  2. Mary Alice Ford says:

    Cokes and coffee stains

  3. Thanks. ..

  4. Soda Pop and Smoking I could really use this so bad.

  5. shelly watkins says:

    coffee for me and I know someone that used this and it worked xoxo

  6. carla hoffman says:

    coffee and smoking for me

  7. cig stains and caffine

  8. This sounds great! Between coffee and smoking just brushing doesn’t do it much. Thank you for the giveaway!

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