fan1    I live in Arkansas….humid, stuffy Arkansas….. and leaving the doors open is not usually an option here because it gets so stuffy feeling in the house that you can hardly stand it.  We were looking for a fan that not only looks good but will provide sufficient airflow to allow us to keep the doors open and air out the house when we’d like.   This Ozeri 42″ Tower Fan was the perfect choice!   It’s very stylish looking and has everything you could possibly want in a fan.  It’s very quiet, even on high speed, and it’s shape and size makes it fit into just about any space, small or large.  I also like that the temperature of the room is shown on the display panel.   You can literally watch how fast the temperature goes down when you’re using it.

fan2  It has lots of great features too.   There are 3 speeds to choose from and the high speed is powerful!  It blows out hard enough to cool the whole house.  I really doubt we would even need it to blow so hard very often and we mostly use it on the slow or medium speeds.   It’s still very quiet too, probably not the fan you want if you like to sleep with the sound of a fan blowing, but it’s perfect for the rooms in your house where you don’t want any excess noise.  It doesn’t interfere with conversations or being able to hear the TV or normal day to day life.  To be so powerful and so quiet at the same time is really a plus.

There is also a timer that you can choose when you’d like the fan to shut off and 3 different modes you can choose….Normal,  Natural or Sleep……Natural mode will cause the fan to turn off and on every few minutes  (I personally, don’t like this one as it sort of gets on my nerves going back and forth from on to off but I can see the benefits)  and the Sleep mode dims the entire display panel so there are no bright lights to interfere with your sleep.  The remote even stores right in the top of the fan so hopefully it won’t be misplaced very often.


It’s perfect for small places like dorm rooms too, so keep it in mind for the students you know.  I’m sure they would be a fan! ( HaHaHa that was lame I know….but I had to say it 🙂 )


I received this product for free in exchange for providing my opinion but all views are strictly my own.


  1. Carrie Sheerin says:

    I would like several of these. We have ceiling fans and they all squeak and dirt builds up on them. These would look nice. I like the temperature feature of it too. Also that it dims at night .

    • bellahogue13 says:

      I would like more of them myself. I could probably get away with no air conditioning with one in each room Especially on high speed because it’s powerful! They also look nice too …much better than a box type fan!

  2. Billie James says:

    This is a way neat fan, I would love to have one of those in my house.. its like the freaking wonder fan of fans!! I love it!

  3. That is a neat fan. I like that the temp shows up on it. I think its awesome that it has a timer on it as well.. That would be nice. That way if you leave and forget to turn it off.. It would cut itself off, and it will keep life longer! Plus, it’s pretty!

  4. Sandra Crispo says:

    That fan is very stylish, and the fact it is quiet so does not interfere with TV watching is great, is usually enough noise around without adding a new element!! Having ll those functions and showing the temperature is a nice feature!!

  5. I love the appearance of the fan. The multifunctions are impressive, this would be great anywhere. I’m sold!

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