I did a review for the Ozeri Digital Bathroom scale a few weeks ago and was later approached by them to review another item of my choice.   I quickly chose the Ozeri Ceramic Green Earth Pan because I have not been very happy in the past with non-stick pans and this one seemed really different.  They sent me the  frying pan to try and I have to say that it has quickly become my favorite!  I love that it is made from ceramic and that it doesn’t give off any harmful chemicals while cooking. ( Surprisingly a lot of non stick surfaces do just that,  especially after they start to chip or wear off.)  It is the perfect size for cooking many different items and  I really like how deep it is because you get much less splattering while frying.  You hardly need cooking oil with this pan anyway.  I barely used any while frying chicken and it turned out perfectly.


I decided first to see how the pan performed under not so great circumstances.  The messiest thing I could think of was an egg, so I started off by frying the egg.   After it had fried for a few minutes I decided to make it a little messier and “scramble” it.   It still wasn’t sticking to the pan so I wondered what would happen if I “accidently” burned the egg…..ugh!  That may not have been the best idea!  I guess I had never burned an egg before but let me tell you, it smelled awful!  And lingered for a long time too…..but anyway, the pan performed wonderfully!  Even after all of that, the egg just slid right out of the pan.   There was so little stuck to the bottom that a simple rinse washed it right off.  The smell ….well that’s a different story!

paneggsA day or so later we wanted rice with dinner so I pulled out the Ozeri skillet again to see how well it did when I added liquid to it.    I browned the rice first and noticed that it was browning much more evenly than the results I usually get.   After I browned the rice, I added the water and the sides were deep enough to have no worries about it splashing out while cooking or stirring.  I ended up with delicious, perfectly cooked rice and again, the mess came off with a simple rinse.  (I’m also happy to note that this pan is perfectly dishwasher safe.  I have already run it through the dishwasher at least 4 times and it comes out looking brand new.)

panriceI have used this pan every night for the last week and I just love it!  It cooks very evenly  and really holds up no matter what kind of mess you put it through!  Seems to me it cooked faster than other skillets also, with no scorching.   Another nice touch is the pan protector they send with your skillet.  This is perfect for when you are stacking your skillets to keep them from rubbing against each other and potentially damaging the ceramic.   It’s little touches like that that really make Ozeri stand out.  Their high quality craftsmanship is another.  These pans are beautifully made and built to last.  The handles are secured firmly with rivets and do not seem like they would ever become wobbly or loose and I’ve heard that the ceramic is much better than teflon for staying on the pan and not coming off.  Just don’t ever use metal in it and it should last for years.  Another great feature is they are oven safe to temps up to 480 degrees so they are very versatile.   I highly recommend you give them a shot next time you shop for new pans.


I recieved this product for free for the purposes of doing a review, however, all opinions are my own and were not influenced by the fact that it was free.   I will only recommend products to my users that I personally use and would recommend to others.


  1. Can it go in the oven? I need pans that can go from stovetop to oven.

    • bellahogue13 says:

      yep 🙂 According to the instruction manual, these pans are oven safe up to 480F. Thanks for asking and I just added that info to my review 🙂

  2. I am impressed with your outcome of the skillet and I am going to get one becase my current skillet looks like someone used it for head protection in a blasting zone! The first burnt grilled cheese and it was toast!

  3. Kendra George says:

    Wow sounds pretty awesome, would love one in my home :). Great review

  4. Mary Alice Ford says:

    Sounds like a pan i need for sure

    • bellahogue13 says:

      I love it! And since I’ve developed this “mystery” neurological issue I’m always looking for chemical free items.

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