As some of you know, I suffer from Peripheal Neuropathy and one of the worst things about it is it makes it VERY hard to sleep.   My legs tingle so bad at night that falling asleep is not easy.  I can’t remember the last time I was asleep before 5 am.   I’m guessing it’s been over a year easily.  Even when I did manage to fall asleep  I would wake up numerous times throughout the night from being so uncomfortable.  I’d end up sleeping until Noon and still only getting maybe an hour or 2 of real restful sleep.

My Doctor prescribed a sleep aid for me but it was way too strong.  I took one and ended up sleeping for 18 hours straight!  When I finally did wake up my body was sore,  my brain felt foggy and I had zero energy.  The next night I tried only taking half of one but I still ended up with the same results so I started looking for a more natural way to get some shuteye.   Luckily I was offered a bottle of these to review because these have been life saving for me!

I take one about an hour before I’d like to fall asleep and within 45 minutes I cannot keep my eyes open any longer!   Better than that,  I am sleeping through the whole night and not waking up at all.  The first few days I took them I still ended up sleeping in pretty late but I think that’s only because my body had been so sleep deprived for so long.   Within a week that had adjusted itself and I am now able to fall asleep at a decent hour and wake up early (for me) with no ill effects.  I cannot stress how good it feels to sleep this well after having issues for so long!  I am literally sleeping like a baby now!


If you are having sleep issues I highly recommend that you try this ALL NATURAL sleep aid.   I love that it’s non habit forming and only made with natural ingredients because I sure don’t want to become reliant on yet another med on top of all I already have to take.  I personally hate pharmaceuticals and would do just about anything to never have to take one again.  I feel good about taking these and can’t see how I could go wrong with them.  sleep6


~Natural Sleep X Version 3.0 Features a New Greatly Improved Formula With 15 Leading Sleep Support Nutrients
~All-Natural and Non-habit Forming Ingredients, Combined in one of the STRONGEST AND MOST POTENT NATURAL SLEEP SUPPORT FORMULAS Out There!
~Unique Blend of Vitamin B-6 (10mg), Magnesium (200mg), Zinc (15mg), Melatonin (3mg), GABA (100mg), 5-HTP (100mg), Ashwagandha Root (25mg), Chamomile (25mg), Schullcap (25mg), Valerian Root (25mg), Hops (25mg), L-Taurine (50mg), L-Theanine (50mg), Lemon Balm (25mg), Passion Flower (25mg)
~Natural Sleep X v3.0’s New Formula is Designed to Fight Daily Stress, Promote Easy Falling Asleep, Support Deep Sleep Cycles, Combat Morning Grogginess, Helps Waking up Energetic and Refreshed
~60 Veggie Capsules | Proudly Manufactured and Packaged in the USA in an FDA Registered and Inspected Facility


I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.  Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.


  1. Sarah LeMay says:

    I love that this is all natural, I have had some really bad side effects with prescribed sleep aids, so I stopped taking them all together. These sound wonderful!

    • bellahogue13 says:

      I agree! The prescription sleep aids are just too strong and you don’t wake up feeling very well. My Doctor seemed aggravated that I quit taking them but when I told her about these she said “By all means, try them!” and I am SO glad I did! I sleep great and I wake up feeling normal!

  2. heather hess says:

    i am on meds to help me sleep because i have insomnia and bad anxiety attacks at night and my son also has insomnia bad. he will go 2~3 days without sleep. havent found anything that works for him yet. ty for the review on this, think we will try this next.

  3. Will have to show this to my sister. She is up and down all night with her legs. She even has to get in shower several times. I know she will want to try. Thanks for posting.

  4. It’s so hard to find a product thats all natural and works so well. Thank you!

  5. Lisa Garrett Herring says:

    I definitely need to try these, I never sleep.

  6. WOW! I love that they are vegetarian too! Non habit forming is so important!

  7. laura harris says:

    I also have leg issues and it takes me until about 5a.m. to fall asleep..I’ve been taking melatonin by itself..this looks like it has some other added good things that would help with my sleep issues!

    • bellahogue13 says:

      Melatonin by itself didn’t work for me either but the combination in this really does work! It’s been almost 3 weeks now since I’ve started taking them and I’m still getting the same results too! And I love that they are non habit forming.

  8. I have peripheral neuropathy and fibromyalgia. I would need to make sure the doctor would say it is ok, but I would love to try this. I too have a great deal of trouble sleeping and the stuff the doctor subscribed makes me too sleepy too.

    • bellahogue13 says:

      Yea my neurologist said I have Fibro too but I don’t think so really because mine is only my lower body which isn’t typical for Fibro. Sorry to hear you are suffering too. Definitely ask your Dr. about them. Mine said “By all means try them!” LOL

  9. Angela Vaught Montgomery says:

    I also have problems falling asleep. I can lay there for hours and never go to sleep so this may be something i should check into. Sure would make a work day much better sleeping at night

    • bellahogue13 says:

      I highly recommend these because not only am I falling asleep easily I wake up feeling perfectly normal and not foggy or overly tired!

  10. I am always looking for something to help me sleep but I really hate the sluggish feeling I get in the morning from some of the sleep aids out there thanks

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