I was pretty excited to get these to review since I love my drinks very cold but not watered down.   To me there’s nothing worse than a watered down drink,  whether it be a soda or an alcoholic drink,  I want it as cold as possible but can’t drink it once it becomes watery.    These Japanese slow melting ice balls are the perfect solution.   Even in an alcoholic drink they did not melt down quickly and water down my drink.   One ice ball actually lasted through 2 drinks and was still the same size when I had finished both.  ( Keep in mind that I am not much of a drinker and did not drink these fast.)  They would be great for parties too since they look really nice and added a little “touch of class” to an ordinary looking drink.


I also wondered about using these in my cats water bowl.    Since it’s so hot here in Arkansas and our kitties are outside a lot,  I thought it would be nice to put one in their bowl so they could also enjoy some really cold water when they came in from playing.   I have to say they were a huge hit with the kitties!   Kelso  (the gray kitty) was more interested in just batting it around the bowl,  (I guess he liked the noise it made when it clinked on the side)  but Willie  (the black kitty) would not quit licking it.   He literally sat there for a good 3 or 4 minutes licking that ice ball.   They enjoyed it so much that I’ve been making an effort to remember to give them one every day.


Of course this all got me wondering about another ice issue I have.  I am ALWAYS dropping ice cubes on the floor.   I rarely make it without dropping at least one and usually the cats go crazy when I do and they start batting it around.   This got me thinking about how fun it would be to let them bat one around that would actually roll.  So naturally I “accidentally”  dropped one of these ice balls on the floor to see what happened.   HAHAHA!  They loved it!   They batted that thing around the room for a good 5 minutes before I picked it back up  and they had a blast doing it.  (I seriously wish I would have video taped it but I didn’t think to until it was over).   I don’t think I would do this very often but since I needed to mop anyway I figured why not!


I am a huge fan of these and recommend them for both you and any pets you may have.

Product Description
The product is designed for making large perfectly round ice balls to make great looking drinks for parties and also is great for whiskey drinkers.

~The silicone molds come in a pack of 3 and include a silicone funnel in the pack.

~These ice ball molds come in a great clear tube packaging, with easy to follow instructions.

~The funnel can be used to fill the molds without mess or spilling your choice of liquid, it is also very useful for other applications in the kitchen.

~The molds also have fill lines printed on them so that they can be easily filled with the correct amount of liquid.

~Dogs (and cats) also love to play with these ice balls in their water bowl.
I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using  Tomoson.   Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.


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