I received this package from Purex Insiders a few days ago and I couldn’t wait to try it but I  had just finished laundry and had to wait .   I finally was able to try them out today though.   I have always been a fan of Purex laundry items and I especially love the Crystals because they leave your clothes smelling so fresh and clean for weeks.


First off,  I have to say how awesome these smell straight from the bottle…..as soon as I opened them, the whole room smelled fabulously fresh!  They definitely named this one well.   I even like the color of the crystals and they smell as nice as they look….like a little slice of Spring.  They have a vaguely flowery smell but mostly it’s just a fresh outdoorsy scent that I think would be pleasing to most.   And they’re not too “feminine” smelling to use on all of your family’s clothes either.  I do wish they weren’t limited edition though because I do really like this scent and will miss it when it’s no longer available.   Maybe with enough feedback they will decide to keep it permanently…..I can certainly hope anyway!



I used the Crystals  in a load of clothes (along with my Purex detergent and Fabric sheets of course) and they had that whole section of our house smelling wonderful.  Moving them to the dryer triggered the scent again and the dryer heat working with the scent  really made the house smell great!   They seemed to make the clothes feel softer too and that’s always a plus.  I personally love this new scent and highly recommend that you give it a try.  I haven’t had a chance to tell if this scent will last for weeks as it says,  but I do know that previous scents I have tried did last a long time, so I expect this one will also.   There is nothing better than pulling your favorite article of clothing over your head and having it smell wonderful when you do  🙂





Purex gave me a few coupons and I decided to give one to a lucky fan.   For a chance to win you just have to tell me,  in the comment section below-not on Facebook,  why you need some “Fabulously Fresh” in your life…..do you have a messy baby,  smelly pet or worse….a smelly husband or wife?    Or maybe you, yourself could use a little freshening up?   Just tell me why you should be picked to win and that will be your entry.   I will begin this giveaway as soon as I post this and it will run until Monday  March 24th 2014 at 8 pm Central time.  (9 pm. Eastern).   I will give everyone’s comment an entry number and after closing the game  I will use Random Number Generator to choose a winner.   The winner will have 24 hours to claim their prize.  If not claimed in 24 hours I will have to  pick a new winner and I really don’t want to do that so please check back to see who won so you don’t miss out if it was you!    GOOD LUCK!  Share this giveaway with a friend too please.

*Only one comment  per person.   No random comments will count-you have to answer the question to have a valid entry.   You must  also be a fan of Bella’s Blog on Facebook to be eligible*


(I received these products from Purex Insider in exchange for my honest opinion and the fact that they gave me these items had no influence on this review.)


  1. natalie yeoman says:

    yes i have a very smelly dog and she sleeps in my bed with me at night. my bedding could really use some scent boost. i have liked your facebook page also

    • bellahogue13 says:

      aww sorry but this giveaway is closed…there is a new one on my homepage though if you’d like to enter

  2. Vicki Azlin says:

    I love fresh smelling laundry warm from the dryer – it motivates me to fold them! 🙂

  3. Kim Ockhuysen says:

    I already use these crystals and really love them ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ I can always use more ! Lol

  4. Okay, I don’t have a real good reason. My kids are grown and out of the house. My husband and dog are pretty well-behaved and I don’t think I smell too bad. But I do love great smelling laundry.

  5. Jill Jackson says:

    I could use these for the simple fact that I just started my associates degree in automotive engineering and i am a complete mess on a daily basis from being underneath the hood of a car and not having one idea what I’m doing

  6. Roxanne Penn says:

    I have a stinky cat and smelly boys including the husband lol would love to smell this and try it! Thanks for the chance.

  7. Jennifer Snyder says:

    I could really use these! My son puked everywhere today while we were out shopping and I had to buy him new clothes, jacket, and a car seat just to get us home…. :/ ty for the chance!

  8. crystal lewis-bacon says:

    I have a 12 year old son, 2 cats, a dog that likes to roll in dirt, and a military husband! Between the army, being a mom, & a pet parent, anything that can make my house AND laundry smell the least bit better is a win for me!

  9. jamie skinner says:

    With other have working at casino it would help get smoke smell out of clothes and what ever weird smells the little one gets into at 23 months

  10. Kari Wagoner says:

    I have 3 messy kids that ruin their clothes. I’d love to have something that makes their clothes smell good.

  11. Dolores Miranda says:

    I have four kids,ones a toddler..and soon it’ll be a lot of outdoor play..you know how that goes,lol.Some fresh scents in my laundry will be needed!!

  12. Brianna Ketchum says:

    It wiuld be nice to have things smelling nice around here even when the baby comes. .also I love having my clothes smelling good n fresh thanks for the chance

  13. I’m going to be laid up for awhile… it would be nice to have something smelling nice…

    • bellahogue13 says:

      Sorry to hear that but maybe some nice smelling blankets and pillows would help! You are entry #41

  14. I could use this because my middle son works on a farm -:)

  15. Donna Peterson says:

    I have two little stinky grandkids I have to do laundry for. This would be awesome for their clothes!

  16. Renee Patterson Travis says:

    I so need freshness in my life. I have been cooped up in the house all winter and getting ready to do Spring cleaning. Curtains, shampoo carpets, the works and this would surely help! Thanks for the chance 🙂

    • bellahogue13 says:

      We must think alike! I am also going to wash all the curtains and bedding with them 🙂 You are entry #38

  17. I need fresh in my life because that was part of my New Year’s resolution to live a positive life and to add fresh to it would only make my world better!

  18. I need to freshen my house due to kids leaving dishes unwashed (it is their chore)… but also my laundry doesn’t always get put away quickly, so anything to keep it smelling like it was just washed is a good thing!

  19. Jenna Wood says:

    We have a lot of pets, so I could definitely use some extra fresh!

    askandilltell86 at aol.com

  20. I have several grand kids whom live with me and several animals. I would really love to have some great smelling clothes. It would help 🙂 Thank you for the chance to enter. Love Bellas Blog

  21. I never used fabric softener before. I would love to see how it works on my clothes.

  22. Bonnie McCown says:

    Well my kids have dogs 4 to be exact and it is softball season. Girls can get a little smelly as they work hard lol. So yes a refreshing smell would be great.

    • bellahogue13 says:

      I played softball myself when I was young and I know I could have used some freshness after! You are entry #32

  23. heather hess says:

    i have a smelly teen boy who skateboards, a hubby who is on his feet all day so his socks dont smell to good and a stinky dog 🙂 ty for the chance

  24. Love to win – have a dog & would really help when washing her Bed!

  25. Two words..STINKY BUGS! Uggh to these awful looking stealth fighters that I thought were long gone last summer and fall. They must have re-grouped and been hanging out all winter and now looking for another party in and around my house. The northeast got hit bad in certain areas. Yeah me lol. Squishing them the worse because of their nasty smell which I cannot stand. Been wanting to try the crystals and use Purex all the time 🙂

    • bellahogue13 says:

      That is the most unique answer I’ve read so far and it sounds like you could put these to great use! You are entry #29

  26. zonra mzcookie Mack says:

    I have a Don that’s on the track team and he stuffs his wet sweaty clothes down in his book bag and when he takes them out they are extra smelly.

  27. Kimberly King says:

    I have a pet rescue with 8 dogs, 5 cats, a stinky teenage ‘kid’ and a greasy trucker husband. To top it all off I have not had running water in my house for 3 months now due to frozen pipes in the ground and the extreme cold winter, so I think I could really use a bit of ‘freshness’, lol. Thanks for the chance to win 😉

  28. danny caccioppo says:

    I’d love to have some freshness in my life. Please send me these crystals so that I could make freshness part of my laundry life.

  29. I need Pyrex in my life from all the smelly dogs I play with at work all day 🙂

  30. I have a teenage son, a dog and ten grandchildren…need I say more?!? lol :0)

  31. Billie Quick says:

    I need some Fabulously Fresh in my life because two days shy of eight weeks I smoked my last cigarette. I love being smoke free but let me tell you oh the smells that I smell now!!! I like to pull my top up to my nose and smell my clothes to help get the bad smell out of my nose so I could use some good smelling clothes to help me when I come across those really bad odors!!

    • bellahogue13 says:

      WOW!! Great job!! I am super jealous now because I know I should quit! I did quit once though and I know what you mean about smelling things more…you really do! This would be great for you! You are entry #23

  32. newbie couponer says:

    Wow. I love purex too but never have tried the crystals. And I have a hubby who needs to use a lotta deo 😉 I also have a 2 year old so this will surely be of more help 🙂

    Newbie couponer

  33. Tim Kennedy says:

    With warmer weather around the corner and one will start to sweat, with this, it will help keep my clothing smell fresh when I do my wash.

  34. i think it would be awesome to try a new brand/scent in the laundry! GOOD LUCK ALL!! Thanks for the Chance Bella. 🙂

  35. We work at a construction company. Some of that wood smells so bad, I need all the help I can get.

  36. Neko Sam says:

    I would love to win I have four dogs and would love to smell good this giveaway sounds wonderful! Thank you would love my clothes to smell fresh not like a dog or worst a wet dog.

  37. Mary cloud says:

    I could use some fabulously fresh in my life especially right now as I juggle school, an internship and no washer/dryer of my own….I have to use my boyfriends so I don’t always wash as often as I’d like to and I know these would help!!

  38. Kerry york says:

    I have 1 husband who does construction,Two teenagers,1dog,two cats,and,a,turtle.I could really use that.

  39. Darcy Panak says:

    I live with 2 sweet but smelly dogs! I could use some fresh smelling laundry. Thanks <3

  40. Now u have me wanting to try this. I love it when my clothes smell good the test will be how long they stay smelling fresh n good thx for the chance 🙂

    • bellahogue13 says:

      You would love them! I’ve tried their other scents and they truly do last so this one should too! You are entry #14

  41. Jennifer Mann says:

    I soooooo need freshness!!! I have a smelly teenage boy who also plays soccer, an 8 year old tomboy soccer player who loves to get muddy, a 4 year old girl who changes clothes 4 times a day, a smelly puppy likes to eat rabbit poop in the yard and a hubby who brings home foul-smelling hockey gear!!!! I need a gas mask at all times!!

  42. i would love for my clothes to smell extra good and would love to try this out

  43. Dawn Jacobsen says:

    I really would like to try this cause I have a dog that like to lay on my clean clothes and a boyfriend the I can’t sim to get rid of oil smell

  44. i need this cause im broke, my laundry is in poverty. lol good luck all….lol

  45. Dawn Stanzione says:

    I have several smelly animals! Plus I am on a fresh start with a lot of things in my life so fresh laundry would help! LOL!

  46. lisa whitener says:

    i need a little fresh in my life because i have two boys who constantly go outside and they enjoy playing in the dirt lol boys will be boys!!

  47. Would love to try this

  48. Felicia Pinco says:

    I definitely could use some fresh in my life, with my smelly hard working husband and my active toddler, not too mention all the hectic messes in the life of clothes, it would be nice if my clothes stayed smelly fresh for a while 😉

  49. Cynthia Dubuque says:

    I need “Fabulously Fresh” in my life because I have all of the above! My messy kids, with dirt and jelly on their clothes, play with our smelly dog, the smelly dog odor gets trapped on their clothes and then they hug and play with my fiance and I, spreading the odor even farther.

  50. Boy do I need these! My husband works at pizza hut, so you would assume that he comes home smelling like deLicious pizza, but there is a horror story in this tale! He does not smell like pizza at all! Instead, because he worked all day he has the regular dirt and grime smell, but also because they serve wings and have the fryers going constantly, he smells like old, used frying oil! This cloying smell is so bad that I have to bag his uniform for the next wash!

    • bellahogue13 says:

      I can totally understand since I worked restaurants for 11 years…This would be great for you! You are entry #4

  51. Crystal Zamudio Rico says:

    I have never used crystals for laundry lol seriously this is new to me would love to try this out :)))) thank you so much!!!!!:)))

  52. Kendra George says:

    I just love the smell of clean laundry, fabulously fresh would make my laundry smell fabulous :). Thanks for the chance

  53. angela vaught montgomery says:

    I just want to have that wonderful scent in my clothes!!! lol love smelling clean and fresh

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