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Ibotta is a great new phone app that allows you to make money in your paypal account while buying the things you would buy normally!  It works sort of like a coupon but there’s nothing to clip or take with you AND you can still use a printed coupon if you have one !  You can really rack up the savings if you have both!  You simply  go to their app and look through their offer page, select the items you will buy and then do the simple tasks they ask you to do.  (Such as share on Facebook, learn a quick fact about the product or watch a very short video).  After picking all of your offers, simply go shopping!

I usually make a list of all the things I need to buy on Ibotta.  That way when I’m in the store I don’t forget anything.  Make sure you get the right size and/or flavor that they are sponsoring at the time.  They tell you exactly what product you need to select but most of the time it will say for any flavor as long as you get the right size.  They make it really easy to know which ones to get and there’s nothing to do while you are shopping.  You can also scan the item while you’re in the store to make sure it is the one they will reward you for buying.


One of the best things about Ibotta is that once you’re finished shopping you can wait until you have some downtime to go back to the app and submit your receipt.  The only time you will have to hurry is if an item says it is expiring soon.  They will warn you when an item will expire about 2-3 days beforehand so you will have plenty of time to redeem.  Once you redeem your offers, and have been rewarded they will replace the offers you used with new offers so make sure you check back regularly to see what new things you can be rewarded for.


They add new offers quite often and I find that the selections are usually stuff  I would normally purchase.   It seems like every time I look there are more offers that I would buy and redeem for.

Redeeming is simple too.  When you get home and log back on you will be asked to choose which retailer you shopped at,  submit a picture of your receipt and scan the items you purchased.  Then simply hit Submit and in less than 24 hours you will get a  confirmation email and a notification on your smartphone  that the money you earned is in your paypal account!  (You have to add a minimum of $20 at a time.)  You can also choose to donate the money to the school of your choice  through their payment options if you would like.  I thought that was a really nice option and I choose it occasionally but usually I select Paypal because I can transfer it to my bank account and then I can use my earnings on anything I choose!  I usually make enough to cover my gas costs and that is always nice.

How much you earn will depend on how many offers you redeem but they have also added some new bonus offers to their rewards. The bonuses are not visible on the phone app but they will email you when they are available and when you have made progress on them.  I have earned more in bonuses sometimes then I did for redeeming the offers.  This area is also where you go to redeem your rewards.  There are several tabs to click on and I suggest you at least click on them all to see what they’re about.


This is a very user friendly site and very easy to navigate, but if you have any questions at all feel free to ask me either here or on my facebook page!  Happy Shopping!!
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If you would like to join me on Ibotta just click this link and sign up!  Its FREE to join and super easy  to earn!CLICK HERE TO JOIN ME ON IBOTTA
*Works with android and iphone smartphones*




  1. kerry york says:

    I am sooo going to do this.Thanks Brenda.

    • bellahogue13 says:

      You will love it!! I love Ibotta! Too bad Endorse closed yesterday…I liked it too! I’m posting another one called Jingit later tonight..its a great one too 🙂 Let me know if you have any questions!

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